MTM Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Can’t get enough of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It’s difficult to avoid these days–but if I’m being honest, I really don’t mind one bit! I can’t get enough of the videos–I love watching my family and friends, kids and adults, celebrities and professional athletes, businesses and non-profit employees dousing themselves for a good cause. […]

SIMPLE Giving: In The Habit and From The Heart


You could say it has been an eye opening summer for me. First and foremost, I acknowledge my blessings: healthy kids, a roof over our heads, a stocked refrigerator and pantry, clothes on our backs, jobs to do, entertainment at the ready. How did I get so lucky? No, really? A little bit of hard work, […]

Lend A Hand With A SIMPLE Service Project


This Summer, Janene and I have had plenty of opportunities to use our blog for good. It isn’t just a place for us to spout out our advice and share our stories. It’s a platform for making positive changes in our community and giving back to our readers and moms who deserve support and encouragement. […]

Keeping Promises #PromiseToBaby #Partner #JOHNSONSBaby

My Promises

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and #PromiseToBaby with #JOHNSONSBaby.  I received products and monetary compensation for my time.  However, this post (like all of the posts we write) comes from my heart and is 100% my opinion.   From the very moment I saw the second red line on my very first positive pregnancy […]