Sweep Away Negativity


Oh, these past few weeks have been tough for me on the parenting front.  A few negative events have clouded my thinking, made me second guess myself, and have permeated a few different areas in my life. Fear (and not the fun, Halloweeny kind), anger, disgust, frustration–those are just a few of the emotions that […]

Reconnect Through The Doldrums

doldrums of marriage

I’ve been in an odd mood lately. After veraciously reading Gone Girl–I know I’m a few steps behind–over the past week, I just couldn’t help feeling a little unsettled. I guess the characters in the book stuck with me a little bit and while the psychosis in the book is extreme, my stomach clenched at […]

The Thinking Gal\'s Running Playlist: 14 Songs to Rev Your Run

Running Playlist

I do some of my best thinking while I run…jog…okay, walk/jog. I used to be that lady huffing and puffing about 20 feet into my workout. That was 25 pounds and almost a year ago! I have had an on again, mostly off again relationship with running. I used to pound the dreadmill (boring) and […]

Four iPhone Apps to Take Your Photos from So So to Pro

iphone photo apps

I’m saving up my dollars for a DSLR. I have a Canon Sure Shot–a nice point and shoot camera, but it has its limitations and mine has developed a little hiccup: A digital line of light appears down the side of each photo. So I’ve bagged that camera for my iPhone, which is not ideal […]

Stock Up and Score Some Henkel Coupons So Your Kid isn\\\'t Smelly Either #APlusValues #CollectiveBias #Shop

smell better

  Nate is 8 years old.  He is a month and 6 days away from being 9 years old.  That makes him 13 months and 6 days away from hitting those double digits.  It doesn’t feel like I should have a kid that is almost 10 . . . but I do.  There are A […]