How it’s going in my #JanuaryWhole30

It Starts with Food

I envisioned my first blog post back on More Than Mommies as some kind of an explanation . . . where did we go? Why were we gone so long? What happened? I think that part of the reason I waited so long to write THIS post is because I felt like I had to […]

Cutthroat Kitchen – Mom edition

Cutthroat kitchen

Picture from Deposit Photos © karandaev We love Food Network. In fact, it is one of the few things we watch as an entire family. When Alton Brown (one of our favorite celeb chefs) started Cutthroat Kitchen, we were hooked. It is so much fun to watch. We’ve even started picking the chef we think […]

Why I’m Not Wishing it Away


  I LOVE September. I’ve always loved back-to-school (I am a bit of a nerd) and new notebooks, crayons and pencils. I love that back to routine feeling and everyone having a schedule to follow.   The year Nate was born – and for the next 3 years – I didn’t teach. I stayed home […]

We are Kennywood Fanatics

KW Fanatic

*disclaimer: My family was given 6 tickets to enjoy Kennywood Park in exchange for social media coverage and this blog post.   Growing up, Kennywood Day was one of the best days of summer. I’d be lying if I said that has changed much for me. While I may not be able to handle The […]

Some Days I Think I Can’t . . .

all 4

I’m busy.  I mean REALLY busy.  I might not be the busiest person in the world but I am pretty busy and I have 4 kids.  4 kids under the age of 10.  I know that I’m probably going to get busier as they get older.  There are going to be MORE activities that they […]