M&M Pretzel Bites: MTM Cookie Exchange

Cookie M&M

  Welcome to the first post in the More Than Mommies Virtual Cookie Exchange!  #MTMCookieExchange #CookieExchange   Christine and I are both not really bakers.  However, we do love us some Christmas Cookies!  So, what does a non-baker have to add to a cookie tray?  Well . . . we have some ideas.  We will […]

Connecting the Neighborhood #BeMyNeighbor


Backyard Bar-B-Cues. Neighborhood Garage Sales. An Inpromptu Party by the Fire-Pit. Pre-school Play Dates. Coffee with the gals. The Neighborhood Watch. Potluck House Parties. Just a few decades ago, it seems like these neighborhood events unfolded right before my eyes with very little effort. Of course a few decades ago, I was just a kid so […]

Giving Thanks through the #FosterLoveProject

Foster Love Project

It’s that time of year when all of my little preschoolers are talking about what and who they are Thankful for while we color turkeys and make Native American Headbands.  It’s a fun time for most of them.  They are happy and excited about the holidays coming up.  It makes my heart happy to hear […]

The Type B Mom in a Type A World

Type B Mom

At the end of every month, I sit down with my calendar and try to organize everything into one central location. If you are anything like me, you have paper flooding into your home on a daily basis and that paper can end up in one of many piles–on any flat surface. School, Church, Extracurriculars, […]

Fridays Unfolded: What did YOU get into this week?

Fridays Unfolded

Oh. My. Goodness.  We had SO much fun getting into all of the FANTASTIC posts that were part of last week’s Fridays Unfolded.   Did you miss them?  Well . . . Christine and I picked out a few of our favorites to share with you today.  (Really, though, there were a TON more that […]

The MomCon: What Moms Need

The Mom Con

Janene and I will be attending The MomCon this weekend. We were given tickets to the conference as compensation for spreading the word about this event. We would be going–even if it wasn’t free–and here is why: The Motherhood is a changing place, ladies. It happens gradually over the span of decades as moms replace […]

Comfort Food: Turkey Chowder Recipe

Dig In

Ti’s the season for turkey left overs! The recipe we are sharing today is the perfect fix for: too much turkey and a hankering for comfort food. I first stumbled across this recipe five years ago. I was in search of: Something to do with my turkey leftovers. Something warm and comforting to eat. Something […]