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I’m the memory keeper at my house and I have been doing a L-O-U-S-Y job of it up until now. My perfectionism has kept me from completing a single photo album/baby book in my life–and now I’m four kids in! Eeek.  I stumbled upon Project Life around this time last year. And things have changed for me.  I created a digital family yearbook last year and I am working on one for this year too, as well as going back and doing something with hundreds of photos that have been trapped on my hard drive forever! 

I have shared Project Life with anyone who will listen and I just have to share it with all of you too. Plain and simple it has changed my outlook on scrap booking…and thus has changed my life! I know that sounds like an exaggeration of the first degree but it is the truth. I have been carrying around guilt about my lack of scrap booking prowess. I would start something and quit and start again and quit and start again and quit again. Project life allowed me to get rid of the guilt and actually do something with the pictures that I take. Now I have an album, soon to be more than one album, that I can treasure forever!

Janene loves to snap pics too and we thought it would be fun to share our favorites from the week with you:

My Picture of the Week
my girls testing out the new bunk bed my hubby is making
Janene’s Picture of the week
Janene used iPiccy to edit this one

It’s been a fun week for me…learning more about blogging and building a “social network.” Getting out there, showing off the blog and sharing it with everyone I know and hoping they spread it along to everyone they know, dreaming about what we want it to be and where we hope it goes: It’s exhilarating to have something new in my life. Life is fun right now! Even though I’ve been “officially” blogging since the end of 2008, I was never as focused on it as I am now and it feels good to be doing something I love.

The lesson for this week is: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Let's BEE Friends

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for finding us!

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