Pampered Chef Giveaway

I’m sure that you have all heard of Pampered Chef before and most of you have probably tried one or more of their more popular products, like their Stoneware or the Apple – Peeler/Corer/Slicer. Well, we have treat for you!  Our friend, Erin, has agreed to sponsor a giveaway here at More Than Mommies and we’ve picked out the perfect duo to get you ready for a sweet spring!

 The first item is the Brownie Pan.  It retails for $19.00.  Here’s the description found in The Pampered Chef catalog:

Perfect for “corner-piece” lovers! Make individual brownies, cornbread, mini appetizer pizzas and more. Aluminized steel ensures excellent heat distribution. You can keep a secure grip on the extended edges, then count on easy release and quick cleanup thanks to the nonstick coating. 12 individual ¼-cup wells, 2 ½” x 2½” x 1″ each.

 The second item to go along with the Brownie Pan is the Ice Cream Scoop!  Serisoulsy, what is a Brownie without a scoop of Ice Cream?

This scoop is dishwasher safe and retails for $9.00.  Here’s the description found in the catalog for it:

Get every bit of the good stuff! The pointed head cuts through hard ice cream and scoops down to the bottom of the carton. Scalloped edges scrape the sides and top. Handle protects your hand from the cold metal. 7½”. Dishwasher-safe. 

We are also adding this cookbook:

It has 24 great recipes for Spring and Summer!

Interested?  Want to win?  I know I would!

Contest will run from Monday, March 26th – Saturday, March 31st – winner will be announced on the blog Monday, April 2nd.  We will also contact the winnier via email.  Make sure we are able to find your email address in your entries.  

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

 – Comment on this post (that’s mandatory) you can tell us your favorite Pampered Chef product or you favorite summer treat!

– Visit Erin’s Pampered Blogger site and leave her a comment letting her know we sent you!  

Additional entries can be earned by:

– Following More Than Mommies RSS or GFC
– Liking More Than Mommies Facebook Page
– Following More Than Mommies on Twitter
– Following More Than Mommies on Google+

-Tweeting about our Giveaway
-Writing a Blog Post about our Giveaway
-Sharing our Giveaway on Facebook

-Following The Pampered Blogger
-Following Erin’s Craft Ideas
-Ordering from Erin’s Pampered Chef Page
Booking a party through Erin (she can do online parties for anyone, anywhere!)

Here are some incentives for hosting a party of your own!

~FREE PRODUCTS when you host, upwards of $300.  Your very own kitchen shopping spree!
~Receive half priced and discounted items of your choice
~Free shipping for all hosts
~10% off for an entire year on every order that’s placed
~Take advantage of Host Specials (change monthly), not only at your show, but the first person’s show that books from you!

That’s it!  Here’s the Rafflecopter linky to make it easy as pie for you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.


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    I will check with Erin to see if Pampered Chef ships to Canada – but I think they do.  As soon as I find out I will let you know!  Thanks for asking!  Sorry I didn’t think about this ahead of time!

  2. says

    If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mix and mash spoon!!!! O how I love that darn spoon!!!!! Just ask me and I will tell you all about it!!! Lol!!


  3. says

    First off, thanks for going the extra mile so that I (a Canadian) can enter this giveaway. Seriously awesome!

    To answer your question, I LOVE my large rice cooker/steamer and use it every day. People swear by the stoneware but I have to wait until finances allow it.

    Thanks for the chance to own some more cool stuff.

  4. says

    My favorite pampered chef items are my handy dandy little whisk (love it!) and a spinning organizer which is for the kitchen but I use it to hold my pens, scissors and other scrapbooking items.

  5. says

    I love their cutlery, they were the first really good knife set I have ever owned.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  I was lucky enough to be able to get them at the 60% hostess price.  They are fabulous.

  6. says

    I have a really nice little whisk I got from Pampered Chef. I have never been to one of their parties, so I don’t know what all they have. I love that brownie pan, and I need a new ice cream scoop, so this is a great chance for me! Thanks. 

    I know you said ‘or’, but my favorite summer treat is a lemonade frappe with a shot of raspberry or blackberry syrup.

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