The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup With Sarah at The Spoonfed Baby

Welcome to The Sunday Sip — The FIRST edition in our new Sunday series designed to allow you  (and us) a chance to take a break from the busy-ness of our daily routines and fill up our cup so we are ready to give our all in the coming week. Janene and I are so happy that you could join us!

Motherhood can be draining — At any given moment you might feel any or all of the following:

You find yourself stressed at the sound of children’s voices or their footsteps overhead. You are trying to find that balance between work life and home life. You miss your girlfriends. You feel a little disconnected from your husband and/or loved ones. Your spirit is sagging. You’ve given up something that you love. You miss being able to head out to gym, or for a run on a whim.  You feel (and are) unorganized. You haven’t had a hot meal since your first was born.

It’s a tough job, Moms! Don’t forget about yourself. Take a break–even if it’s just long enough to read this blog post. We are going to introduce you to a gal who is fighting the good fight with you. Janene and I are fighting it with you too! You aren’t alone. So pull up a cup and let’s talk!

Meet Sarah from The Spoon Fed Baby (and her hubby).

So tell us, Sarah, what are you drinking this morning?

I am one of those silly people that feel like their body will give out at some point during the day if they don’t have a complete and balanced breakfast…so naturally I am drinking Orange Juice!  And usually while I am doing this I am eagerly checking out Google Analytics!

We are so happy that you’ve decided to join us today! Tell us about yourself:

Hi!  My name is Sarah and I am a full time stay at home mommy.  In a past life (like last year) I was a Kindergarten teacher, but I am taking a break to be home with my little guy.  Oh yeah, and I blog now (which I LOVE because it gives my mind some adult time)!

We hear you on that one! How did you come up with the title of your blog? Why did you choose “Spoon Fed Baby”?

When I decided that I wanted to start a blog I POURED over the information at  She had lots of tips and tricks for starting a blog, and one thing she suggested was to try and include some key words into your URL that readers would search for if they were looking for information that you have in your blog.  So basically I wanted the word baby and a food-ish word in there somewhere.  After brainstorming with my husband and receiving an email from my parents with 20 or so suggestions (they are 2 of my best helpers!) I came up with Spoon Fed Baby.  After saying it, oh, about 100 times to myself, it stuck.

What is one post that you want everyone who comes to your blog to read and what was your inspiration for writing that post?

One of the main focuses of my blog from the beginning is to be a place where new moms can come and get some tips and tricks for surviving life after baby.  I love, love, love writing list posts (and I love reading list posts) because they are a quick read and they get the point, or tips, across easily.  One of my more popular lists is my 10 Safety Tips for Making Baby Food.  I think it sums up the most important things to remember when making your little ones baby food, and represents what the focus of my blog is.  I was inspired to write it because I know, as a new mom, that I want to make sure I am doing everything just right because, well, I have the cutest little thing to protect!  I have yet to write that one tear jerking, emotion filled blog post, so my safety tips post will have to do for now! 

Right now we see your blog as a great resource for new moms who are interested in learning more about making baby food at home. Is that the approach you had in mind at the start and where do you see your blog going and growing to in the future?

Yes, you hit it right on the head!  When I started making baby food for my son, I looked everywhere for someone to tell me what to make, when to make it, and how to make it.  Mom’s out there will agree with me that getting advice from someone that has been there before is a HUGE help.  So I decided that from my experiences I have along the way hopefully I can be that advice for someone else just starting out.  Now that I have been doing it for a bit, I can see my blog evolving into something that I didn’t see before, and I like it!  I hope to include recipes for kid friendly food as my son grows older, play time learning activities, tips and tricks, and life stories (we all have tons of those!).  And who knows, maybe a few DIY things will creep their way in.

I almost wish I was back in the baby food stage so I could make my own. I always wanted to do it, but wasn’t exactly sure how to start! We are looking forward to what you have planned–it sounds great!

Tell us what makes you “More than a Mommy”?

Sarah with her son at the beach: What a cutie!

I AM more than a Mommy!  I think this is so important for Mom’s to remember, especially the ones that stay home full time.  I feel that I have been pretty good with keeping myself busy and involved in the world outside my house.  I enjoy making cakes and decorating them (except during my pregnancy when I experienced an aversion to them!), playing Bunco with my girlfriends, exercising at the gym, traveling, being artsy around the house, watching the Detroit Tigers, and going on dates with the hubby!

Thanks so much for sharing your morning with us Sarah! It was wonderful getting to know you and your blog a little better. Let’s head over to The Spoon Fed Baby and show Sarah some love on her blog. Leave her a comment! You can tell her More Than Mommies sent ya! 😉

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  1. says

    Awww! Sarah is awesome! She was my go to person when I started back up my blogging hobby. I love all of her posts. They are quite interesting. I tried the pureeing baby food like Sarah, and I failed at it HORRIBLY! I even went out and purchased the Magic Baby Bullet… but she just wouldn’t eat it. Any of it. She only ate the bananas and apples. That. Was. IT! Soooo I was forced to do jarred baby food :(

    But, recently… I went out and bought a cheapy $10 food puree machine from Walmart. I am determined to start again….

  2. says

    You guys rock.  I love your mission and your purpose.  You are self-less and for the good of mommies everywhere–very rare and go you.  A forever fan and will shamelessly promote you however I can.  Thanks! :)

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