Lackluster Days

Too many ideas. Not enough ideas. Busy. Bored. Peaceful and calm. Frazzled and Stressed. Content. Discontent. Smooth sailing. Hitting a snag.  Life has these cycles.  I’ve come to recognize them in my own life. There will be times when I am just riding the wave–I feel energetic and productive and lovable and balanced–and then it all seems to slip away and I am left wondering what to do next.

I can see myself in the low part of the cycle right now. I don’t feel depressed…but I feel like I am not sure what I’m doing.  I feel off balance. What to write about?  What to eat? How to get my house in order? How to keep the girls from fighting each other or me? How to not be impatient with them or my husband? How to fit everything in to 24 hours?

Everyone has these days, no?  It’s easy to feel lonely when you are going through it. Especially when your low coincides with someone else’s high. It makes your low feel even lower.

Whenever I get this way, I try to take a minute to step outside of myself and view the situation from the outside. Are things really so bad? No they aren’t.  Once I’ve come to that realization I have to make a decision about what to do next. I could either wallow, or I can pull myself up out of the muck and carry on.  Just keep swimming. Put the pen to the paper anyway.  Move on.

A certain set of pins comes to mind–many seem to be “Pins to Nowhere” (I think those are the ones that Pinterest frowns upon). Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen them–it’s the “Keep Calm and” series. It’s good advice. Sometimes to get back to center we just need to keep calm, breathe, be. For me, a quiet morning writing about ‘nothing’ can be just what I need. 

It got me thinking about some good advice from another place for inspiration:

So that is what I am meditating on this morning…

We all have lackluster days now and then. We all have bad hair days. I’m not talking about anything that requires therapy or drugs–I’m talking about those days when you just don’t feel like yourself and you don’t know why. How do you get through it?

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    I don’t think anyone, including myself, will ever know how many times I’ve repeated to myself, “This too shall pass.” I made the mistake of asking God to give me patience once a long time ago, and BOY, did he ever hear that prayer.

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    I call those my ‘meh’ days, where I just feel slightly off and I don’t know why. The only way I know how to get through them is just to go about my day as normal. And I write. Eventually, the Universe feels right again. Hang on in there!

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    If I have it my way, I’d sleep through the day LOL nonetheless, knowing reality, it hits us right in the face. When I don’t feel like myself, I read or visit blogs. A few blogs I follow do lift me up during those days…

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    When I get down I find it’s always helpful to write a list of things I’m grateful for – even if it’s something as basic as “air” – it always helps reconfigure my perspective.

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    Oh my!  This is beautiful–and love your source of inspiration right now.  I am a big believer that it isn’t just “days” we cycle through but that our life consists of seasons–some high, some low.  And you’re right, when low, just one foot in front of the other–and keep drawing on that inspiration, huh? 😉  (Also, know that you always inspire me!)

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    It really is beautiful.  I don’t know why I had never thought of it as waves before, but I love the analogy.  Now that I know it, every time I’m at a low I’m going to remember that all that means is that another high is on its way.

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    I’ve been struggling with a period of particularly heavy depression and I’ve found that CHOOSING to practice thankfulness (seeking, numbering and expressing) is a key to helping me cope. The day may still be dark but I find a few rays of light to cling to.

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    I can so relate to this one, those days when I just feel low and kind of “stuck”. Even though I do feel alone in these moments, I also realize it is part of just being human and everyone has these days. I’m glad you’ve found some positive inspiration to meditate on that helps during these times and I hope you’re feeling better. Always know, you’re not alone :) Great post!

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    I think this is a great post. I loved the beginning, the way you used short words and phrases to describe the highs and lows. Whenever I start to feel low, I realize it is probably because I’ve been watching too much TV. It sounds cliche, but I feel better when I’m accomplishing things and finishing things, which is the anti-TV (at least the way I watch it.) I try to get up and do something weird, but easy to finish, like clean out a drawer. I don’t know, maybe I’m odd.

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    Those days suck. Sometimes you know it’s going to be like ‘that’ as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. I just go about my day as normal knowing that tomorrow will be different. Or else I get a mani/pedi. That also helps 😉

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    I hate those days. Everytime I have one I feel a moment of panic that I’m slipping back into ppd. Really hate those days. I have to just take a deep breath, snuggle with my babies and remember that tomorrow is another day.

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    Yes I know these days. And weeks. And, when it’s really bad, months. But I think you’re onto something with trying to step outside yourself. And I try to be extra kind to myself – allow myself that extra piece of chocolate or extra five minutes of sleep in the morning. Every little bit helps.

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