The Best Gift Idea for a Pregnant Woman

Let me set the stage for you: It’s 2007. I’m eight months pregnant and it’s the end of May.  I have a wedding to attend soon and I feel like a puffy, round something-that’s-puffy-and-round. I found a dress that makes me feel less so, and In a moment of delirium purchased gorgeous shoes to go with it–I plan to rock three inch heels at 8 1/2 months pregnant–probably not my smartest idea. However, at the puffy, round something stage I find myself clawing at anything that might make me feel pretty–even if it’s 3 inch heels that will be obscured from my view by my 8 month pregnant belly.
At eight months pregnant and 65 lbs heavier, my wedding rings no longer fit, my back aches, my feet are swollen and my toes look like sausages and I am loathe to find a position that provides comfort for sleeping more than a 30 minute stretch. Back to my feet, I haven’t seen them in about 6 months and I haven’t been able to touch them in just as long. It’s sandal season and the heels I just purchased are sandals.  This Pregnant Woman Gift Idea seems so perfectly clear at the moment–however, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to do it for myself–oh, maybe because I had been too busy growing and preparing for a new human being in my life.
{Me and My Family–the fourth time around}
So I’m giving the idea to all of you–the ones reading this blog who have a pregnant sister, friend, cousin, daughter, wife–because it’s something your pregnant loved one is not doing for themselves and probably isn’t even on their radar to do for themselves as Sandal Season quickly approaches. Take the idea and claim it as your own.
When I was eight months pregnant one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and appreciated gifts that I got was a Surprise Pedicure: complete with sugar scrub, foot soak, nail trim, and a paint job.  One day when I was visiting at my mom’s house, my baby sister offered to give me a pedicure. I was so overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness. It remains in the top 3 of the Best Gifts I Ever Received. My swollen, tired, feet were crying out for this kind of pampering.
We gathered up everything we needed (and it was really simple with stuff that we already had on hand). We made a scrub with Olive Oil and Salt. Baby Oil and Sugar would smell better and feel just as good. I sat on the edge of the tub while my sister washed and soaked my tired dogs. She trimmed my toenails, moisturized my heels, and picked out a pretty pink polish for my piggies.  I had always taken for granted caring for my feet before I got pregnant, but anyone who has been there knows that it is impossible to do this yourself when you are in your third trimester. 
If you are a little queasy at the thought of touching someone else’s feet–and trust me when I say that my foot was at its least attractive when I was eight months pregnant–then pay someone else to do it. Send your lovely lady to a salon to have it done. It feels amazing and She will thank you!
I am still very grateful to my little sis. Heck, I’m still talking about this unexpected gift over 4 years later! So THANK YOU, Lindsey. It was just what this tired, swollen, pregnant lady needed!


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    Another new face…YAY we love new freinds! Thanks for linking up with us TTUT is a great way totalk about anything…no rules ya know!

    That is a great suggestion, I will have to remember that for a gift for the enxt shower I attend.

    I’m sure you will look radiant in the dress and those heels!

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    I rocked the heels when I was pg.  I even wore a pair to the hospital when I was in labor.  I’ll be your piggies looked fantastic in your heeled sandals.  Good for you.  Yes, a pedicure is wonderful when you’re pg.  I got one as a shower gift.  Best. Gift. Ever. 

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    I loved this post!  Was LOL at “
    I feel like a puffy, round something-that’s-puffy-and-round”–thanks for making me smile and will now most assuredly gift all my preggers friends with pedicures :) 

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    YAY for pedi’s and YAY for pedi’s while 8 months pregnant! What a sweet gift!  4 children? Wow. You’re my hero. Tell me, was the 4th a son?

    Thank you so much for linking up with us this week! Shawn and I LOVE new faces!!

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    Aw!  You look so cute there, Christine!  I’m sure you felt just as cute too!  LOL!
    I think I received a pedicure gift cert. for my birthday the year that I was pregnant w/ Jack.  For both girls, I scheduled pedicures because it was so nice and relaxing when I went the first time!  So, every time I’ve delivered, I’ve had nice looking (somewhat!) toes!  At least they were painted!  LOL!
    But, you are right.  It is a very nice and thoughtful gift to a pregnant friend/sister/whatever!

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    Definitely an awesome idea!  Another great one is a pregnancy massage – definitely at a spa with someone who has had special training.  One per trimester is an amazing gift, but even one at a time is great!  (You do have to get a certification from your OB that it’s OK, but most are completely willing and already have a form letter written out. They WANT you to take care of yourself!) My pregnancy massage also gave me ideas for how to sleep more comfortably because of the ways they use pillows to support you without laying you on your back or belly!

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