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So, what you are here for . . . Meredith at Mom of the Year!  

The Mom of the Year

I can say without hesitation that Meredith is an avid blog reader!  She comments on almost every post we put up!  She also has some really great posts on her blog, Mom of the Year!  I love the post she wrote on Thursday that talks about why she started blogging (only 6 months ago – which is amazing to me because she seems like a pro!): Blogging: What I Have Learned.  I consider it a must read for anyone who might be wondering why they should blog…or keep blogging.  

Settle in and read what we are talking about with Meredith this morning and then head over to read more of her posts – I promise your cup will be empty before you run out of good posts to read!

Good morning, Meredith!  What’s that you are drinking this morning? 
Coffee, obviously.  Though I wish I was cool enough for it to be something else, and for a while I tried to drink green tea b/c I heard that it boosted your metabolism.  Not like I need A TON of help in the weight-loss department or anything…;)

I don’t know what I’d do without my coffee!  I use to be a one cup in the morning gal but have started to become a 3 cups throughout the day chick.  Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself with our readers?  What would you consider to be your job title?
SAHM.  Have tried to think of a better acronym b/c we are often out and about and not actually staying at home, but haven’t come up with anything yet…SWTKM–Stays With The Kids Mom?  But you don’t actually stay with them all the time after they start preschool/school…CEO of the Household–cute, and true, but possibly too formal?  Will take any suggestions!

What about your blog?  How did you come up with the name Mom of the Year?
One of my best friends lives in Indonesia, so we communicate a lot through e-mail.  Our sons are only 6 weeks apart, so we became new moms together.  I would often send her updates about my daily screw-ups as a mom daily life and spell out exactly why I currently deserved The Mom of the Year award.  My favorite was when I locked my son in the car in rural Lancaster County, PA and after a panicked call to 911, the Ronks fire department wheeled in on their fire truck, whistles blowing and lights flashing, as an army of Amish volunteer guys rushed off the truck to save my precious baby from the Honda Civic.  Anyway, Mom of the Year is a title I so, so deserve and has always stuck.

We have found a lot of hysterical and inspiring posts on your blog . . . but what is one that you think EVERYONE should read?
Yikes!  This is a hard question.  I guess it’s not appropriate to say “every single post b/c I think all my posts rock?!”.  Joking, joking…I guess I would have to go with my very first post: b/c it explains who I am and what my daily life is like.  It was so purely from my heart and before I ever got into the “blogosphere” at all and knew anything about trying to write a “successful” post.  Who knows what actually prompted me start a blog 6 mo. ago, but I’m so, so glad I did.
Right now we see your blog as a place to read about your family and adventures, things you like and all of the other little tidbits that you find worth sharing with your readers.  We see a lot of things that we can relate to when we read your blog and find it a place where we can go to feel “normal”!  Is that that approach you had in mind at the start and where do you see your blog going and growing to in the future? 
My goal is absolutely to help other parents feel more normal–and to provide an opportunity for a laugh.  I say it in my mission statement, “To offer up a quick relatable laugh for all the parents of the world and their empathizers. It’s rough out there–take a minute for a fun break.”  I am in awe of those bloggers who roll out super-long, informative posts, but right now, I just don’t know how to have the time to do that.  Plus, I know I don’t always even have the time to read those long posts; this is why my posts are usually shorter.  I do think this world is rough enough as it is, and if I can give someone a reason to smile, it’s been a banner day in my book :)
Finally, tell us what makes you more than a mommy?
I strongly believe life is a series of seasons.  In this season of my life with a 9 mo. old and a 2 yr. old, I don’t have much going on outside of being a mom full-time.  That’s okay with me–someday it will be different.  I do love to read and obviously, love to blog.  I was reading an interview with Jennifer Garner and she said (in reference to her relationship), “You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper…”.  She is so right, and this concept of stealing time for the things we love applies not only to our relationships, but our hobbies or “side jobs” too.  If something is important to you, you just have to force the time for it.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Meredith and that you will head over to Mom of the Year and tell her that More than Mommies sent you!

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Have an amazing Sunday!


  1. says

    I love this: “I strongly believe life
    is a series of seasons.  In this season of my life with a 9 mo. old and a
    2 yr. old, I don’t have much going on outside of being a mom full-time.
     That’s okay with me–someday it will be different.” Sometimes I feel ::gasp:: guilty for not “doing it all” right now, and her comment on life being a series of seasons makes perfect sense. =)

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