Best Day EVER (this week) #14

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For a “short” week . . . this week hasn’t felt like it’s gone fast.  Even for as busy as I’ve been it seems like the weekend would never get here!  I’m super excited that today is Friday and tomorrow morning we will all be home!

As for the BEST day this week . . . Sunday was pretty awesome.  We went up to my parents and spent the day in their back yard.  They had 2 big tents up and a little pool for the kiddos.  We just sat around and snacked all day.  We had talked earlier in the week about not having a BIG sit down dinner or doing anything that would heat up the kitchen because it was a hot one!

It really did feel like the beginning of summer!  Now if only Nate were done with school!  He still has to go until the 8th – and he’s NOT happy about it because Danika is already done.  Poor kiddo.
Have an awesome weekend!
Now that manic May is over we are really itching for summer to begin…of course I am still wondering how we are going to entertain ourselves over the next few months.  On the to-do list today is to work on a Summer Bucket list–Janene is really onto something with that one! The girls will be finished on Monday.  This school year has gone really fast and they have grown so much. It was a huge transition year for J-bug and Potato as we moved into a new school district and they switched from a small, private school setting to a super huge (by my standards) public school district.  I am proud of both of them! 
Speaking of pride, yesterday Potato had a t-ball game. It was the first time they got a chance to try to hit a “coach pitch” ball.  They got three pitches and then used the Tee if they didn’t get a hit.  I was happy and surprised when Ava got two hits out of three times at bat.  She looked like a slugger out there.  It felt good to cheer her on and we were so proud of her. 

My sister got married this past weekend (as I mentioned last week) and the wedding was beautiful and fun and our little flower girl was really in her element. She was so happy and excited to be part of the day and I was proud of her too.  

Finally, my baby turned TWO this weekend too.  We had a low key celebration this year. Just a few little gifts, dinner with pappy and grammi and some cake.  My baby is quickly disappearing before my eyes. The minute I get used to having a toddler I’ll get an e-mail from filling me in on the milestones for my preschooler–oh wait! I already got that e-mail this week. Really, A two year old is now a preschooler?  I refuse to accept that–especially since she will always be my baby.

*sigh* they grow fast enough without the reminders…
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