My Finds Monday: Elf Magic Elves

First of all . . . I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my *gasp* 7 YEAR OLD!!

I remember this day like it was . . . well . . . maybe last month?  

Look at him now!!  I shared a story on my personal FB wall the other day about what a sweetheart he is and just have to brag a bit here, too. 

Here’s exactly what I posted:

       Jerry and Nate went to Giant Eagle today. They were collecting for St. Jude Hospital. When the little girl asked Jerry if he could donate to St. Jude’s he told her he didn’t have any cash – which was true because we never have cash on us! Nate, who had recently found his wallet and had some money for raking leaves with Connor, said, “I do!” And gave the girl some of his money. Love this kid.

He made me SOOOO proud!

Okay . . . now on to the My Finds Monday!

Elf On The Shelf is HUGE these days.  You see them EVERYWHERE!  So . . . it’s not like I’m introducing you to a totally new concept but it is slightly different than the “traditional” Elf on the Shelf.

We have been having different elves visit us for the past 2 years (this will be our 3rd year doing the “elf” thing) and our elves have a different story behind them, too.

I introduce you to the Elf Magic Elves:

These are our Elves Tinsel and Holly

I wish I had better pictures to show you but the Elf Magic Elves site has their pictures trademarked (which I totally understand and agree with) and I don’t have any better pictures on my computer from last year!

However . . . I did come across my cell phone pics of some of their hi-jinks last year . . . 

This is actually in front of the doorway to go downstairs from their bedroom

Written with Cheerios!

We were using these to decorate Christmas cookies . . . Tinsel and Holly got into them one night!

Cotton ball Countdown

Hanging Around!

Wanted to make breakfast “happy”

Yes . . . they used the oven!  hehehe

This year, we will have 4 Magic Elves  – We have already been visited by Tinsel and Holly (Nate and Danika’s Elves) and we have already heard from Santa that Jingle and Jangle will be coming out to hang with Dean and David for their Christmas vacation.

I have to admit that I’ve gotten a bit carried away with this whole elf thing.  I’m pretty sure my SIL wants to punch me in the face because her kids have been complaining about the elves that came to visit them last year . . . . apparently they were fat and didn’t do anything (according to my niece) so this year they are getting “new” elves.  :)

I have a few tips to pass along for those of you that are doing anything with any kinds of elves this year:

     1) If possible, don’t start until December 1st.  I’m not sure when the “official” start date for all things elves is but we start on Thanksgiving.  That first week or so makes things drag out a lot.  25 days of planning is plenty!

     2) Set a reminder on your phone or somewhere else to remind you before bed that your elf needs to get ready for the kiddos.

     3) Get a calendar and PLAN each night out!  I swear to you that has been a life saver for me the past 2 years.  If I didn’t have a calendar with ideas on it that I could go to I would have never made it through.  I didn’t always use the idea I had on that day but I had enough ideas that if I moved things around I would still be good.

Just to give you a little extra help with ideas, etc. – check out our Elf Ideas on Pinterest!

If you have an Elf Idea Pinterest board PLEASE leave the link in the comments!!!  I could use some new inspiration, too!

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