The Little Light

This past Saturday night a tiny spark of an idea flashed in my brain.

Sometimes when inspiration strikes I let my self talk damp it right out. 
Have you ever said to yourself:

 “That will never take off.” 

“It’s not worth the work.” 
“No one else will get it.” 
“You are too small to make a difference.”
When those voices come out, I do recognize that as my own fear talking (fear of failing)–but even so, sometimes I allow the little light to go out. Instead of adding kindling to it and nurturing the flame by sharing my idea with another, I let it burn out.
As you turn down the covers on the dawn of a new day, do you see the sun shining? Do you see the clouds rolling in on the horizon? Are you waiting on a savior?  Do you feel you have been saved? Do you have a sense of peace? Is there dread in your bones? Are you full of hope? Are you spiraling into hopelessness?
Nothing changes if WE don’t change.

If you sit in the darkness it will always be dark.
I suppose what I am saying is that whether or not “your guy won,” it is up to all of us to be the change that we want to see in this world.
If you want our country to help the poor–then help the poor.
If you want our country to be fiscally responsible–then be responsible with your own money.
If you want our country to be seen as great nation full of hard workers, innovators, and great minds–then work hard, create, and educate yourself.
If you want our country to be a nation of equality–then do not denigrate your neighbor.
If you want our nation to be respected–respect yourself and those around you.
If you want our nation to be at peace–then make peace in your home.
When our politicians tell us that “WE have a lot of work to do,” they are not lying to us.
If it sounds too simple to you, well, that’s because I’m a simple gal, I guess. But if I live the change and you live the change–that makes two of us.
On to My Little Light:
A month or so ago Janene and I were approached and asked to join a movement called:
This past Saturday night, I was thinking about what I can contribute. What can I do as an individual, as a mother, and as partner of this little blog? 
My husband was asleep on the couch across from me. We had dimmed down the lights and it was dark outside.
But a tiny light flickered inside of me and I decided not to ignore it.
I quickly shot off a message to Janene and began to do a little research. I fed the flame. And now I would like to pass my little candle light to you.

More than Mommies is very pleased to offer you an opportinity to join with us in making a difference: An opportunity to give something back to those in our country who desperately need it. Those whose lives have been turned upside down in the blink of an eye by forces beyond their control. A chance for you to add your light to ours and watch it grow!

We have decided to set up a fundraising page to support the efforts of The Red Cross
We ask that you visit our fundraising page and consider making a donation.** Your gift no matter how small will make a difference in providing relief and assistance where it is needed.
On Saturday night, those voices said:
“Your blog is not big enough to make an impact.”  

“You are ‘just a mom.'” 

 “No one else will ‘get it.'” 

But instead of stomping out the light, I decided to trample on the fear. 
We’ve decided to take a chance and make a change:
Our blog is small, but if every reader, “liker” and tweeter gave a donation (even the smallest one) and then shared our post…who knows what can happen?
I’m just a mom, but I know I am “More than a Mommy” too…who knows what can happen?
 If one person ‘gets it’...who knows what can happen?
Even if you cannot give from your pockets, you can share our message and this fundraising campaign with your friends and family–bring the request to your mommy groups, blog readers, Facebook friends etc!
Over the next few months, when you share this post or donate to The More Than Mommies: The Little Light campaign, we will add your “light” to our side bar. I would love to see our side bar lit up with love and support for one another!


Please take this button and share it as you wish. {copy and paste the code in the box to your blog or sidebar} And then Let US know when you do so we can add your little light to our sidebar as a tribute to your generous spirit.
Help us spread the word via Twitter:

You have a choice today. Sit in the darkness or be the little light in this world. 

*shared from
**We chose to run our fundraising efforts through because when we contacted The Red Cross about our idea they suggested this particular platform for giving.

Please visit our Highlight Sponsor of the month:
To see your blog or business here, please visit our Sponsor Us page to get started!


  1. Nicole Buckingham says

    What a beautiful way to find meaning and to move past those sometimes overwhelming voices that stand in the way of your sharing your beautiful flame with the world.


    Stopping by to say “hi” and to follow you here. AND… to invite you to join me for An ALOHA Affair. It’s a truly unique chance to share your beautiful work with other bloggers and creative souls who are interested in growing in meaningful ways. ‘hope to see ya soon.



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