The Pause: What are You Thankful For?

Does anyone else feel these days slipping by faster and faster? How did it get to be the middle of November?  It was just Halloween:
There’s so much I wanted to write about this Fall and past Summer–
At least I have the pictures…right?
I just wanted to give everyone a much needed reminder, myself included: 
As we begin to wind up for the approaching holiday season, take a moment or two each day to just be. 
You don’t have to spend hours lazing about to recharge yourself: A five minute break to pause, reflect, listen with an open heart, will help to re-energize you for the harried months ahead. 
I’ve been participating in Thirty Days of Thankful–as so many of you are–on Facebook. Janene shared what she is thankful for this week on the blog. 
I just wanted to add that I am so thankful for this blog, for Janene who is a perfect blogging partner for me, for all of our readers.  This mommy is especially grateful for a creative outlet that helps to make her feel like she matters and allows her to pause from the day to day stuff that crowds in around us, and can steal our joy if we let it. The pause that this blog gives me shines a light on the joy in my life and I am blessed! 

Consider giving something back this holiday season. We are still collecting for Our Little Light campaign. See those lights in our sidebar? Each light is there to honor someone who gave from their heart with us. You can add your little light too and help us reach our goal of raising $500 for the Red Cross and efforts to help Hurricane Sandy Victims. We’ve collected $110 dollars so far! Thank you to all who gave to date. 

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  1. Kera says

    Oh.My.Goodness. That Halloween photo…priceless. Such cuties! I had to comment on this post just for that :) But all linked up to your mixer!! Thanks again for hosting :)

    Would LOVE for your to stop by and join us for the Super Sunday Sync hop that I host with Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster. Goes live tomorrow night :)

  2. Janene Krajci Christine Hutchi says

    It can most definitely be overwhelming! I hear you there. It’s always great to find a friend who will talk “real slow” to you…at least that’s what I NEEDED! LOL. Janene is that friend for me! :) Good luck to you!~ Christine

  3. Janene Krajci Christine Hutchi says

    Thanks, Kera! Your hop is on our radar…I hope that i remember to link up with you this weekend!

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