20 Minutes a Day

It’s a little early to start thinking resolutions . . . well, not REALLY but I usually don’t get around to them until the last week of December.  Then I’m usually scrambling to think about what it is in my life that I need to change.  It’s usually something along the lines of eating healthier, exercising or being more organized.  It seems like all 3 of those are things I’m constantly struggling with.

However, this year I think I already know one thing that I’m going to give a shot that has NOTHING to do with any of those things.  I’m going to carve out 20 minutes each day where I am unplugged and unconnected.  20 minutes a day where I am not holding my iPhone.  I may even *gasp* turn it off for those 20 minutes!  I’m not going to be near my laptop or television.  I’m going to pick up a book or just sit down and have a cup of coffee (and finish it while it is hot!).  I’m not going to worry about what I need to get done.  I’m not going to think about what I didn’t do or where things are that I lost (because I think I’d lose my head these days if it wasn’t attached).  I’m going to just BE for 20 minutes a day . . . EVERYDAY.

I think I’m even going to create a sign that I can hold up that says, “Mommy is having her 20 minutes” to show my kids when they ask me for something.  I will also have a timer so that I stick to the full 20 minutes.

This NEED to have at least 20 minutes a day for me comes from the homily our pastor gave in church today.  Well, not really just from that homily but it was the wake up call for something that I’ve felt going on but haven’t really dealt with.  I’m far too connected.  I’m 100% available to anyone who needs me whenever they need me for things important or non-important.  A lot of the time I LOVE being able to share little things about my day and hear little things about my friends and their days.  I have to say, though, that I feel a twinge of guilt when I don’t respond immediately . . . no matter what I’m doing.

I’m also checking things and not responding right away and then forgetting and feeling guilty again about it.  This guilt just isn’t good for me.  I’m hoping with this 20 minutes of “me” time a day I will learn to segment my days a little better and start scheduling other things (of course not EVERYTHING because I’m not that organized and I do have 2 boys who just turned 3 . . . ).  I’m thinking that the 20 minutes may lead me to try setting aside time for emails (but not during the 20 minutes), meal planning and the such.  Things I need to do.  But first . . . I’m taking MY 20 minutes and doing what I want to do, remember me a little more without my face in front of a screen.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound anti-iPhone or SmartPhone or laptop or what-have-you because I am FAR from anti-technology.  I just think having my 20 minutes without it will make me use it more effectively and help me to realize the world won’t end if I don’t have my phone in my hand posting on FB or responding to a text.

What about you?  Any resolutions mulling around in your head?  Too early?  I know this isn’t going to be my ONLY resolution but it’s going to be one I’m going to try REALLY hard to keep this year!


  1. BreNaturally says

    Me time is very important! I hope you can find a way to keep your resolution…even if you have to hide in the restroom (done that!) or post a sign. :)

  2. says

    I think this is a really good idea. My laptop wasn’t charged yesterday afternoon so I had to unplug. It was great. There generally isn’t much new to read on Sunday afternoons, so I just waste the time anyway. Instead I read. It is good not to be so focused on the online stuff. Last night, the mister and I just snuggled on the couch, talking and looking at the Christmas lights. It was great and it was needed.

  3. Meredith says

    Such an incredibly reasonable and smart resolution! I get so sick of being connected all the time, but yet can’t seem to stop checking in. Thanks for the inspiration to just shut it off for a little.

  4. The Sadder But Wiser Girl says

    That’s great! I may try something like that! My four year old needs to understand that Mommy needs a few minutes to just sit and read!

  5. Arwen Hann says

    I so need a sign like this. I have tried to have “me time” while my four year old is watching tv during afternoon tea time, but he never sits and watches the shows properly and still comes and bugs me. I love being a stay at home mom, but ten minutes a day without constant talking would be nice!

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