The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup With Leslie at Violet Imperfection

My family is off to the Christmas Tree Farm today.  Looking forward to an exciting adventure…but before we go, I thought I would sit down for a break with another fabulous blogger.

We met a bunch of you over the weekend at our mixer (still time to add your blog to the list). But the Sunday Sip is all about slowing down for a minute and getting to know the gal (or guy) behind the blog!  Want to be featured here? Click on The Sunday Sip tab to learn more.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Leslie at Violet Imperfection
But I’ll let her tell you all about herself:
I’m LeslieMama to Violet, Wife to Marc, crafter, reader, lover of all things Disney and author of Violet Imperfection.
What are you drinking this morning?
Diet Coke with a slice of lemon. I am addicted but I don’t drink coffee or tea, so it all washes out, right?
So, tell us. Why “Violet Imperfection”?
My daughter’s name is Violet and the imperfection comes from the desire to teach and show Violet not everything in life is or needs to be perfect. I have spent most of life feeling like I am not perfect and never feeling like I measure up. I have finally learned that nothing is perfect, myself included, and there is no need to be.
What is one post that you want everyone who comes to your blog to read and what was your inspiration for writing that post?
The post I wrote for Resolutions in Motion. I really put myself out there with my weight struggles, which is really hard for me because of that desire to appear perfect. I think it was an honest portrayal of the struggles I have had even though it was very scary to put myself out there for everyone to read especially since I know my family and friends read Violet Imperfection.
I really respect honesty in blogging. Any time we put our personal truth out there for people to read (and potentially criticize) we take a risk…but we all have things that we struggle with–issues that make us self conscious or second guess ourselves. It is very brave to come out from behind the screen of “perfection” and good for you!

Right now we see your blog as a place to learn about you and gain some inspiration. I love your recent post about new born photo shoots…I loved the “behind the scenes” look at getting those adorable shots! So tell us, why did you start blogging? Has your blog lead you in the direction you wanted it to and where do you see your blog going and growing to in the future?

I actually have another blog that I wrote about my weight loss after lap band surgery in 2009. After I was staying home with Violet I felt the need for an outlet for myself and a place to show my crafts and everyday life with Violet but I wanted a new start away from focusing on weight loss. Violet Imperfection is growing faster than I thought it would and I hope to continue to grow over the next year.
Finally, at More Than Mommies we know that being a Mommy is a wonderful thing…but behind that title lies more. Tell us what makes you “More than a Mommy”?
Well first I blog, That has become my me time away from being a wife and Mama. When I am able to get out of the house I like to go to bookstores or to the craft store. To be honest, Violet is only 8 months old I haven’t quite figured out what to do when I have time away from her, I feel a little lost. It amazes me how quickly you become so entrenched into being a Mom.
Leslie also hosts a link party every Sunday. And would you look at that–You can hop over there TODAY and get in on the action! See you there!
Raising Imperfection
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Have a great Sunday!
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