The Sunday Sip Rewind, Part Three

The year is winding to a close and we are rewinding with the bloggers we have featured in 2012 for The Sunday Sip.  We checked in with each of them to find out what they have been up to and where they plan to go in the coming year.  If you missed Part One or Part Two check them out and then come back for this last fabulous installment.
The Sunday Sip will be all new for the first week in 2012 and *teaser* we will be having a fun giveaway to kick things off–so be sure to kick back with us every Sunday and if you’d like to introduce us and our readers to your blog–just click on the Sunday Sip tab and get yourself hooked up by filling out our form!
Let’s start things off with Rebecca from New Momma Beckers:
Well, in this past year, my blog has grown from a small internet site that only me and my husband would read to a site that gets readers from all over the world! It’s been a wild ride – but my next goal is
to continue to grow my blog through building stronger relationships with other bloggers, as well as blogging consistently!
My biggest goal is to post consistently 3 times a week, and to chronicle my weight loss without alienating my mommy blogger readers. I’m working on finding the right balance to take between parenting and health posts! I’d also like to grow my readership, and build more relationships with other bloggers!!
{If your Resolution involves shedding a few extra pounds then Rebecca can provide the motivation you need!}
The best thing that had happened to me this year, was starting my blog :) I don’t like to put myself out there – to try if I might not succeed. This has been a huge learning process for me and I am taking great things from it.
My goal for my blog is to simply blog more. I take so many pictures that I never share. Isn’t that what a blog about photography is for? And maybe they will inspire someone. That would be incredible. I would also like to learn to market my Etsy shop better (I sell prints of some of my images!)
I think the best thing that has happened to me in real life this year, is that I celebrated 11 years being married to my best friend. I know, 11 is an off number, but it is still awesome, and I am so thankful for each of those years. I think the best thing that has happened to me in the blogging world this past year is I’ve made a ton of friends. People that I never would have met, except through the internet. That is so cool! I have new friends all over the country and continent even, that have brought sunshine to my days. I am so thankful for that.
For myself…my goals include participating in a triathlon next fall. And traveling to Japan and Indonesia in January and February. Experiencing a Third World country is going to rock my world, I think. Blog-wise, I would love to see my blog readership climb to around 1000 readers. I don’t know if that will happen, but it sure would be awesome if it did. But maybe even more than that, I hope to continue to foster good conversations in my comments. The give and take.
So are you wondering what our responses would be?  Well we won’t leave you hanging! 
Janene is up first:
Best thing to happen to me:
Selling the house. It took us almost an entire year, but we finally did it! I was so thrilled to be leaving and never have to clean the house for another showing. That was the worst part of selling . . . next to hearing the “it’s not what they are looking for” after cleaning all night.
Best thing to happen to the blog:
The blog itself! We are almost a year old and I’m amazed at how far we have come in a year. We’ve made some great friends and Christine and I have become a lot closer, too! I love our Sunday Sip feature and have really enjoyed the More Than Mommie’s Mixer, too! I think we have finally hit a blogging groove that will work well for us in the upcoming year!
Personal goal for 2013:
We have found the house . . . and now just need to get the papers signed and move in! My goal for 2013 is to be moved in and have the bedrooms and kitchen organized. I want to take 1 room at a time and those are my top priorities. I am going to have a hard time because there are SO many great projects I’ve found (on Pinterest, of course) that I want to do. I’ve got to keep focused or I’ll be all over the place!
I’d also like to *hint hint* start Once a Month Cooking again! hehe
Blogging goal for 2013:
In all honesty, I’d like to start finding fun topics to blog about and schedule a little better. I hate when I’m sitting in front of the computer and thinking about what I want to write about the night before it’s my “turn” to post! I want to have a month in advance planned out. I’d also love to work with The Motherhood more this year and maybe even other bloggers on projects they are working on!
And Christine:
Best thing to happen to me: 
It’s tough to pick one thing!  I try to see the joy in every day. A bunch of nice things have happened — My husband and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary, I started learning to play the guitar, I am starting to feel like I “fit in” in our “new” neighborhood (it only took me two years! HA). 
Best thing to happen to the blog:
I have to second Janene. THE BLOG itself. I never imagined the direction this little venture would take. It has been really fun bringing it to life. Janene and I have both been very open with the blog’s direction–at times I felt like we were all over the place and didn’t really have a niche–but as time goes on (and we approach our one year anniversary of blogging at More than Mommies) I really feel like we are hitting a stride.  I’m glad all of you are along for the ride too! We’ve made some awesome friends in the blog world! 
Personal goal:
Well, my fitness has taken a hard hit and I would like to see myself pounding it out on the treadmill again, or doing anything physical really! I need to manage my time better–make a schedule and stick to it– start squeezing those workouts in, spend more one-on-one time with the girls, and less time in front of a screen.  I would also like to see us complete some more projects at the house–I love spending time with Jim making improvements around here. 
Blog goals:
Like Janene, I would like to work on content–I too have had many evenings or early mornings staring at a blank screen on “my day.”  But I like that we have a schedule and for the most part stick to the minimum 4 posts a week. I would also like to see a fresh, new design for our blog: organized, cohesive, and eye catching.  I too, enjoyed working with The Motherhood and other campaigns that we’ve done and I would like to see us do more of that.  I’d love to continue to increase our readership but also make real connections with other bloggers. I’ve loved forging a new friendship with a neighbor who is also a blogger and one heck of a funny gal–“Hey, Steph!” And would love to meet more real life bloggers–maybe a conference soon? Yes, please!!  (My goals seem all over the place when I read them over–really I’ve enjoyed the winding ride so far, so more of the same would be A-OK with me!)
So what are YOUR goals this year, blogging or otherwise? We would love to hear what you have planned! 

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  1. JanineHuldie says

    Loved hearing about everyone’s best from 2012 and your goals for 2013. I love coming here and am excited for the New Year with you ladies. Congrats on the blog being almost a year old, too!!!

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