I Resolve to be a Better Citizen of the Blogosphere

Why do we blog?
To have a voice. To vent. To show the world how funny we can be. To commiserate. To ponder. To ask questions and get some answers? To have a soap box. To give advice? To find a friend. To build a tribe? To be ourselves. 

Because we have something to say. 
Why do I blog? 
I’ve always liked to write. And I’ve always gotten pretty good feedback when I do. So I keep writing. I genuinely like to write. But I don’t write stories, or poems, or songs. I mostly just write what I’m thinking. I’ve never been one to organize and outline and first draft.  In fact, I don’t think in all my years of writing I have ever written a first draft. It is what it is.  I’m sure my writing would be better if a wrote and edited and revised…but I tend to think that something might be lost in the process. This is me. Unedited. 
When I first started blogging back in January of 2010, I was blogging for myself. Janene introduced me to blogging and I thought, “What the heck, I like to write”…and so I blogged without a thought for who might be reading what I wrote.  

As time went on, I began to think about who was out there on the other side of the screen. It didn’t really change what I wrote, why I wrote, or how…but it sparked a desire in me to connect
I became a reader of blogs. 
There are SO many of us out there. Sometimes it feels like Janene and I are two of a kind (especially those days when the crickets are hanging out in the comments section)…but there are literally millions of us out there.  Millions of blogs. Millions of bloggers. All with similar goals: To get people to read what we have to say, to have someone read what we write and high five us.

Right on.

Write on. 

I love genuine comments. (Who doesn’t?)
I like reading blogs. I like connecting.  I like to leave genuine comments.  I like reading genuine comments that people leave here on our blog. 
And so, this year, I’m going to give you what you want. I resolve to be a better citizen of the blogosphere. I promise to read blogs. Lots of blogs. And then I plan to comment.

Comments make the blogosphere go around.

And what goes around comes around, right? To be a good citizen of the blogosphere I’ve got to connect, and to connect I’ve got to comment. So get ready!

I’m coming to visit this year.

Pleased to meet you. 

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  1. whencrazymeetsexhaustion says

    YES!!!! I just read something similar on another blog (You Know It Happens at Your House, Too); I guess a lot of us are ready for a real connection and community!

  2. says

    I do try my best to comment as much as I can and agree with you whole heartedly on loving commenting and getting comments, too!! Happy New Year to both of you ladies!!

  3. monica says

    This is such a great post. I too have been focusing on visiting others and leaving quality comments. Wishing you all the best in 2013. xx – Monica

  4. Anne says

    Thanks for linking up at the Fun Friday Blog Hop. Come back again next Friday for another fun party! I’m following :)

  5. says

    Love it! After I began my blog, Piggy In Polka Dots, I really learned what the blogging community was all about. I love making bloggy friends and sharing creativity and encouragement with each other. Bloggers have a pretty unique friendship and I have really come to look forward to “hanging out” with and meeting new friends here in Bloggyland too! It is really awesome that we are all over the map and at the same time have so much in common! Happy New Year and it is great to meet you too!


  6. Meredith says

    I love you guys and so enjoy the connection we’ve formed in the blogging world! Here is to 2013 and a year of continued friendships and growing together!

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