January #Sponsor Spotlight, Part One

2013 is all about building relationships here at More than Mommies. We will be heading in to our second year of blogging in February. While 2012 was a growing year for us–and we still have growing to do–in this year we really want to focus on building stronger relationships with everyone who reads this blog, sponsors this blog, links up with the blog, shares this blog.
Next Friday we will be back with The More than Mommies Mixer, #MTMmixer in Twitter Speak. And if you’re stopping by to link up–We hope you will stick around–Those coveted hostess spots are up for grabs! You can simply tweet for a chance to be the Life of the Party next week.

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In the meantime, we want to shine a spotlight and some of the lovelies who decided to share their home on the net with us by clicking on our sponsor tab and taking up residence in our posts and sidebar (psst…you can too!):

First Up is Janine’s Confessions of MommyaholicThis hard working, stay at home mommy is dishing it salon style on her blog–she talks about things that we talk about with the only person that we trust to come at us with our hair in one hand and a sharp instrument in the other.  Janine shares pieces that inspire, make us laugh, make us think, make us want to share. She talks about pop culture; she shares about her family–her husband, and two little girls; She shares about the state of mommyhood; and she writes about matters that matter to women these days. We’ve enjoyed getting to know her and we know you will love her too–so here’s your chance to visit her blog, like her Facebook page, tweet with her, and browse her Pinterest boards:


The Empowered Momma–I love the Empowered Momma. The name of her blog alone speaks to my heart…but then when you take the time to visit, you see she’s got a little bit of everything–all designed to make women feel good about themselves and their role as momma.  From pregnancy basics, to tips on health and wellness, to giveaways and reviews for products we care about. The Empowered Momma has it all and then some–not to mention all the usual ways to stay connected: Pick your fave and go say hello! Tell her More Than Mommies sent’cha! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, The Empowered Momma Blog.


Femme Frugality–I won’t forget the day I happened across Femme Frugality’s blog for the first time.  Janene and I are couponers and I consider myself a cheapskate to the nth degree  money savvy mommy. It was no accident that our paths would cross. Brynne’s blog is all about the money saving tips and tricks she’s discovered as a young mom in Pittsburgh–well wouldn’t you know? That’s our neck of the woods too! So while many of her finds are pertinent to us locals, yinz guys (that’s Pittsburghese for “you” in the plural) will find that there’s more than enough that will apply to you too–from finding money to go back to school, to freebies, and money saving suggestions.  If your goal is to become more financially fit, then Femme Frugality is a good place to start–Tweet with her too! 


When Crazy Meets Exhaustioneven if I wasn’t Stephanie’s real life neighbor, I would still read her blog. She is beyond funny.  I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed out loud at what she writes or how many times I’ve said “if I were as quick witted and hilarious as she is I could have written this post myself.”  Her blog is 100% relateable with a side of we’re not gonna take it and an extra helping of belly laughs. You’ve got to check out her “Oversharing” series–anyone brave enough to bare all on the internet is either crazy or exhausted and Stephanie is, admittedly, both–in the best possible way. That’s not say she doesn’t have a serious side — she even waxes poetic from time to time. I could go on–but why don’t you go on and check her out!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest–It’s all there. Take your pick!

Would you like to be featured here?  The Sponsorship Process is quite simple, thanks to Passionfruit Ads. We’ve put together a January Promotion that you won’t want to miss. Use Promo Code: JANFAN when checking out and you will recieve a $15 credit on any Sponsor Spot on the blog–that means that our spots are even more affordable, in some cases FREE!* So go ahead and click on our Sponsor Us tab–take advantage of the credit. It is yours for the taking. 
*We will feature our Highlight Sponsor and anyone purchasing the “Whole Kit and Kaboodle” and “All That And More” sponsor spots each month.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for having me as your as your January sponsor and just so happy to have been alongside all your other wonderful sponsors. You ladies are truly wonderful and the best. Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  2. whencrazymeetsexhaustion says

    What Janine said!! It’s been a pleasure “working” with you–I actually consider blogging my side-job now and I have you ladies to thank for helping and supporting me.

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