The More Than Mommies Mixer: #MTMmixer time!

Did you hear the news? Janene is getting ready to move into her new home. In fact, she is closing on the house this week! She was looking for advice earlier in the week–so if you’d like to chime in–she definitely wants to hear from you!

Christine has been working on her resolutions but isn’t certain she can keep up the pace she set for herself without becoming unraveled.  A bit of organization and prioritization is really what she needs more than any resolution.

We are throwing around the idea of switching The Mixer to a bi-monthly hop. That way we can really focus on The Mixer and for the off weeks we can participate more fully in other hops or bring you other fun stuff. I know many of you host your own hops on the weekends and we would love to be able to link up with everyone! If we switch the hop to twice a month we might be able to do more of that–thoughts?

The Ins and Outs of The Mixer:
Our Mixer is designed to help you check out and share BlogsFacebook pagesTwitter Handles and Pinterest Boards!  You can jump on all the Linkys or only the ones that you feel like doing this week.  We will be here each week (but maybe every other week): so maybe you want to do GFC on your blog this week and Facebook next week, then hit up the Twitter Boards and Pinterest Boards the week after that.  It’s totally up to you!
Here are the “rules” 
(Don’t make us post bouncers at the door.)
  • Follow your Hostesses – Christine and Janene from More Than Mommies
  • Follow our Co-Hostess – Stephanie at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion
  • Follow the Life of The Party – Nicki from Nicki’s Random Musings is our lucky tweeter in the spot this week. (we choose a different Life of The Party EVERY week! All you have to do to be in the running is Tweet about us using the #MTMmixer hashtag RIGHT NOW! Tweet #MTMmixer
  • Follow our Mixologist – This week our Mixologist is Ramona at Create with Joy. Every week we will choose one participant to get our party started at the #4 slot.  All you have to do is link up (and follow the “rules”) to be considered!
  • Follow the person directly BEFORE you on the hop!  
  • Finally, we ask that you post one (or both!) of the following buttons in either a post or on your sidebar to let other people know where you are partying today!


The fastest way to see success for your blog in a blog hop is to head on over to other blogs, commentfollow and ask them to swing by and party at your place!

Rest assured, Christine and I will visit each and every person who links up and we will follow you back!  We couldn’t be more excited to get to know you and visit your “homes” on-line!
So what are you waiting for?  (Me to stop rambling, right?)  Jump in and let the MiXiNG begin!!!


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  1. Create With Joy says

    Thank you for the opportunity to host today’s blog hop! My post is live – I have tweeted – and I will be sharing across my social media networks!

    Have a fabulous weekend & I hope you’ll join us for Friendship Friday at

    Create With Joy

  2. self sagacity says

    New GFC follower, saw you on Createw/Joy. Hope you’ll get chance to swing my Looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. says

    I like the bi-monthly hops idea and even though I may miss it. I also I am one of the people who have recently started a hop this day, too. So, if you do change it up, I hope you can stop by and link up over on mine as well from time to time :) :)

  4. Carolyn McAfee says

    Awe, man! Thursday night… I totally missed it! Just found you!

    I’m now following! I’ll be back next week!

    Would love for you to visit back, and follow if you’d like!

    Thanks for the list, I’ll be sure to network anyway!


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