The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup with Darla at Mom’s World

Welcome to The Sunday Sip! 

We are going to slow your busy weekend down today and introduce you to another wonderful blogger. We hope you will stick around to get to know her and her blog a little bit better. We bring you The Sunday Sip each week — It’s a wonderful way to pause from the usual busy-ness of the weekend and meet a new friend. We would love to highlight YOU and your blog. No blog is too big, too small, too new, or too old to be featured. Please fill out our form today and we will be in touch!

In the meantime, let’s get to know Darla, from Mom’s World this week: 
What is in your cup this morning, Darla?
Water, water, water. That’s pretty much all I drink, all day, every day….promise. 😉

If we were meeting you for the first time, how would you introduce yourself? 
My name is Darla and I’m a 32 year old mother of 2 precious kids, Dylan-10 and Sydney-6….oh yeah, and I’m married to Mike, seriously the best husband ever. I’m the creator and admin of Mom’s World – my first venture into sharing my stories with other Mom’s out there. I’m an all around happy-go-lucky gal for the most part, unless I run out of chocolate…then you better watch out!
Why did you choose “Mom’s World” as the title of your blog? Was there something that drew you to the name?
Actually, picking the name was kinda easy. I knew I wanted to start a blog and share my stories of parenting and day-to-day life and I kept thinking that I wanted people to know what was in my world and then all of the sudden the Wayne’s World theme song popped into my head then poof! Mom’s World! Yes, perfect! So even now, my mantra is “Mom’s World, Mom’s World, party time, excellent!”
What is one post that you want everyone who comes to your blog to read and what was your inspiration for writing that post?
I want people to get to know me and to get to know some of the daily challenges I face. One of the most popular posts and probably one of the most near and dear to me is “Karma Got Me”  – it’s about my struggle with a gambling addiction and what I’m trying to do to overcome and move forward. But there is also the fun side of me who makes observations of some of the most common things, like how Mondays can suck. I just started the blog this past November,  so there will be a lot more of the serious and not-so-serious posts– so stay tuned!
What was the reason you started to blog? Have you stayed true to your original vision since typing the first posts  or have you changed in the last few months? Where do you see your blog going and growing to in the future? 
Over the last year I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety, and per the recommendation of my therapist I started writing. I felt like, if I was going to write about these experiences then maybe I could possibly help, inspire or at least make someone smile with my stories so I decided to start the blog and make it public. So far the blog is going along the path I envisioned, telling stories of parenting, personal struggles and randomness. I think the blog will continue down this path, but I definitely know there will be probably a little bit more focus on the mental health aspects of my life since it affects multiple people around me.
It definitely is wonderful that you’ve found the bravery to share that intimate side of yourself.  I know that it can definitely be therapeutic to write and hopefully your blog will be a good support system for someone who can relate to what you are going through. 
Our final and favorite question at the Sunday Sip: What makes you “More than a Mommy” (tell us what you love to do–Besides being a mom, of course!)
Is there really even any time in the day to do something else?! Just kidding, actually I work full-time and having kids at ages 6 and 10 helps because I do actually get to have some time to myself to do new things. Since discovering Pinterest, I’ve become obsessed with crafts. I started making signs for the holidays and am currently working on a project with buttons. I also love love love to play Bingo and video games. I also like to ride my bike – its a 3-wheeler (adult tricycle), watch my kids play baseball and soccer and bake! My dream is to someday open my own bakery. Someday. :)
Darla’s First Pinterest Inspired Craft

Darla, thank you for sharing your blog with us today. We hope to see more of your blog in the future!
Please give Darla a warm welcome and visit her blog–Leave her a comment!  You can follow her as well–she is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
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