Art Appreciation and Blick Art Room Aid

Last night we attended the Art Show at my daughters’ elementary school:
As I walked down the halls of brightly painted flowers, paper mache birds, string art, marker drawings and more I was transported to a Garden of Eden. A Garden of Eden that my own children had a hand in creating.

There is something so rewarding about making something out of nothing. When I think of art I always think that this…this spark of inspiration…connects us to the divine. The song from the musical “Children of Eden” says it better than I can:

I’ve got an itching on the tips of my fingers
I’ve got a boiling in the back of my brain
I’ve got a hunger burning inside me, can not be denied 
I’ve got feeling that the Father who made us
When he was kindling a pulse in my veins
He left a tiny spark of that fire, smoldering inside

The spark of creation, is flickering within me
The spark of creation,is blazing in my blood
A bit of the fire that lit up the stars
And breathed life into the mud, the first inspiration
The spark of creation

I see a mountain and I want to climb it
I see a river and I want to leave shore
Where there was nothing let there be something, something made by me
There’s things waiting for me to invent them 
There’s worlds waiting for me to explore
I am an echo of the eternal cry of
Let there be!
When we were approached by The Motherhood and Blick to promote Art Education and Blick Art Room Aid, we could not have been happier to accept. Blick created Art Room Aid in 2009 as an online resource to connect art educators (like the preschool teachers at Bethel Nursery School) with arts advocates (like YOU, who can make contributions to projects in need that resonate with them).
Teachers can visit the Blick website or visit one of their brick and mortar stores to find everything they need to fill their art cupboards. We know, many times, teachers are reaching into their own pockets to bring extras into the classroom.
It saddens me that so many art (and music) programs are being cut from our schools. It is programs like these that help to turn out well rounded, well grounded, and well adjusted children.  Our kids need a chance to experience the world changing beauty of creating something out of nothing. They need to own that feeling!
Art was always one of my very favorite subjects in school. Partly because it was time to get messy with paint, and glue, and clay, but mostly because it was one time during that structured school day that I was free to be–to express myself–to destress–to think outside of the box–and color outside of the lines.
As soon as my girls were old enough to hold crayons in their pudgy little fingers they were making art.
And some of our best memories are those where we have made art together: From stringing beads, to making sculptures out of Playdoh, to leafing through mommy’s old drawings.  They love to touch and feel everything!
That’s why we’ve decided to team up with Bethel Nursery school to allow the littlest ones the chance to experience art in new mediums. Thanks to Blick we were able to create an art registry at their site filled with everything the preschoolers will need to discover art that goes beyond crayons and markers. With the help of their teacher, we created a list of materials that we thought young children might not have had the chance to try to this point–like moldable wax, and screen printing materials.

We need your help to make this project a reality for Bethel Nursery. Visit their Blick Art Room Aid Registry and choose to make a monetary donation towards their list, or choose specific items from their list that you would like to gift. Please share the registry with your friends and family, Pin, Tweet, or Share this post via Facebook and help us to introduce a whole new world of art to children thanks to Blick Art Room Aid!

{Disclosure: This post is a sponsored by and written for Blick Art Supplies. It can be assumed that we have received some compensation for sharing the Blick Art Room Aid program with our readers. But please don’t assume that they have told us what to say! The opinions, stories, and pictures, with the exception of the Blick Logo, are our own.}


  1. Rea T says

    i feel that “something” too when i do make something out of nothing!

    thank you for linking up with Fun Friday Blog Hop, i hope you’re having fun blog hopping!

    see you next time, huggies♥


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