February Sponsor Spotlight: Part One #MTMSponsorLove

It’s time to Shine a Light on those lovelies that are gracing our Sidebar this Month:
Welcome to the Sponsor Spotlight!

Life as we know it by Paula
If you are looking for creative inspiration on the interwebs then you’ve found it in the website Sincerely, Paula. First off, I love visiting her warm and friendly blog. She is crafty, spunky, and real. She’s a lifestyle blogger dishing about crafts, recipes, and family adventures (pics of her child chasing and catching a chicken in the snow? The randomness alone puts a smile on my face!). She also hosts a few hops and participates in others.

Life as we know it by Paula
Check out her Link Party list to see where she hangs out on the regular!
I’ve been watching my Facebook Friend Robin whittle away over the last year.  It seems that she has found the ticket to weight loss success. It’s wonderful to see her happy and energized and she wants to share this amazing product with you. Read her story and learn more about ACE: A product containing natural ingredients that may help you to get the boost you need to kick start your weight loss journey.
BWS tips button
Amy at Adorable Chaos helps us to see the beauty in chaos. She’s a homeschooling mom of teen girls sharing her life lessons with us.  She is committed to staying connected with her kids but she is also committed to keeping it real–and that means admitting that some days we may want to just lock ourselves in the bathroom to get away from it all. Read about why she decided that Homeschooling was right for her family and explore her blog for motivation, and inspiration to embrace your own chaos.
Steph from WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion  keeps us laughing with her wit, charm, and eye for seeing humor in the every day. I tell you, she’s an up and comer (Is that right? It doesn’t look right!) in the Funny Girl Blog World. Don’t believe me? Try not to laugh when you read these beauties: C-Word, MomSteamy, So, I Peed on My Kid.  Not laughing? Really?? You are SO much prettier when you smile.
Lauren and Bug from Tutus & Tea Parties are doing what they do best this month–Lauren is sharing all of her craftiness and fun with us, while Bug has a blast and looks adorable. If you hurry you can enter the awesome Crafters Dream  giveaway she is sponsoring right now. I said put down your knitting needles and GO! :) And if you didn’t get any (or enough) lovin’ yesterday then she has got the recipe for you--must put pine nuts on my grocery list.
Still here? Good because now that we shared the love with our Sponsors, we want to send some your way as well!
First up–your chance to enter our Giveaway in honor of one year of blogging here at More than Mommies–we hit our Milestone this week!
And second, a chance for you to claim your own place to shine here at More than Mommies– A $10 credit to use in our Ad Shop!  Free MONEY!  Stuff it in your bra and run…right to our SPONSOR US page and pick out your spot. I’m sorry that’s the only place this currency is accepted. Use the Promo Code: FEBLOVE on any size ad, set yourself up nicely by linking up your pretty picture, make sure $10 is subtracted from your total when you check out, and we will do the rest!
Until Next Time!
Visit our Highlight Sponsor of the Month:


  1. WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion says

    I’m the first to comment! YAY!! Thank you for your kind words and allowing me to sponsor you lovely ladies! I’ve learned a lot about blogging from you and I appreciate the help and support more than you know!!! Happy Friday!!

  2. Tina says

    this is my first time reading your blog and I enjoyed the post on your sponsors. They all seem wonderful. I am going to be a follower for life. Thanks for all you do!! Have a lovely day!

  3. Paula J says

    So fun to be included in your sponsor spotlight!
    Thanks for accepting me to sponsor your lovely blog :)


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