The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup with Alicia at Moms Don’t Say That

It’s time for The Sunday Sip! Fill up your Mug, Cup, Shot Glass (we don’t judge) and sit down with us as we go one-on-one with another blogger.
This week we are bringing you Alicia from Moms Don’t Say That.
{Note: We want to be among the first to congratulate Alicia on her new little bundle! You can read her birth story and offer up your own congrats too! This interview took place before her little one made his entrance.}
Hi Alicia tell us what is in your cup?
Right now I’m enjoying a Dr. Pepper. Even though I’m pregnant I have been told I need one caffeinated beverage in the morning and at night to help with my migraines.
I just flashed back to my adolescence–I would get horrible migraines as a teen. ANYTHING that you can do to keep them at bay should be done, I’d say. Tell us a little something about yourself: 
I’m Alicia Magera Blogger by day, 911 dispatcher by night. I have no filter so I say things most moms don’t say.
Hmm…my guess is that probably led you to your blog name. But I will ask you anyway because we love to hear the thought process that bloggers go through when choosing the perfect name. So tell us again, why did you choose “Moms Don’t Say That”? 
When I first found out I was pregnant (completely unplanned) I was extremely sarcastic about it. My boyfriend and I made some inappropriate jokes about staircases etc (mind you we are both over the moon, we’re just jerks sometimes) but I just pictured someone overhearing this conversation and shaking their heads and saying “Moms Don’t Say That” I realized that I would probably say a lot of things people wouldn’t expect. Many of which they may think but don’t say. I have a filter problem but I’m proud of it.
I’m sure it makes blogging very interesting. So when we come to visit, what should we read first?
My post about birth plans is a good example of who I am and my view on things in general. I didn’t write it to bash on those who write elaborate birth plans. It’s more of how I contradict myself and can be completely anal and OCD in some areas and not in others. 
So tell us why you decided to start blogging. Where do you see your blog going and growing to?
baby boy.jpg
I started my blog to document my experience through pregnancy and being a first time mom. I think it is one that will continue to grow with me. I have reorganized some of the categories on the blog based on what I write. I also write a lot about my life in general in addition to being pregnant. I think I have stayed true to my blog because I presented my blog as me being me. I personally know some bloggers that are completely different from the persona they are in their blogs. The best compliment I receive from people is that I write exactly like how I would have a conversation with someone. Bad grammar and all (I really need to hire an editor). I would love to build my followers and monetize my blog in the future.
As a brand new Mom I’m sure it isn’t hard for you to remember who you were before you had your baby. We hope that as much as you will love your new little bundle you won’t lose sight of YOU. Share with us what you love: 
I love love love my job as a 911 dispatcher. It’s rewarding, interesting, and every day is different. The hours will work well with being a mom and I miss it so much since being on bed rest. I love inviting people up to watch what really goes on behind the scenes. It’s also made me obsessed with firefighter onesies and rescue heroes. I also love to hike and play sports. I’m retired from playing roller derby but am considering a return after I have the kiddo.
We wish you all the best as you adjust to life as a new mom! Congratulations again on a successful delivery. We look forward to keeping up with you on your journey through new motherhood and hopefully we’ll get to see you lacing up your skates again in no time!

All righty, now it’s time to send you off to say hello to Alicia–give her a warm More than Mommies Welcome! You can visit her blog, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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    Thank you so much for the chance to be a featured blogger. Brody and I are relaxing on the couch while I read this. He is so darn cute. He must have gotten his daddy’s genes. Slowly adjusting to motherhood and already have tons of blog posts in my head to get up. Thank you again :)

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