February Sponsor Spotlight: Part Two #MTMSponserLove

Happy March!  
Yep.  I’m once again doing a Sponsor Post for LAST month’s sponsors at the beginning of a NEW month.  Don’t worry, though – March Sponsors will get their moment to shine this month, too!  
If you are interested in sponsoring us and ending up with a featured spot in one of our bi-monthly Sponsor Spotlight posts – look into becoming one of three types of sponsors we highlight: 

Our first Spotlight Sponsor this month is:

Julie at Life According to Julie

You should definitely start by reading her About MeJulie is a freelance writer who wrote two books that are available on Amazon:  Wanted – about her difficult and confusing reunion with her birth father and Writing Through the Chaos: My First Year as a Blogging Mom.

I love Julie’s tagline:  “Write something worth reading or do something worth writing” It sounds like the PERFECT philosophy for me to adapt for my life!

You can also check Julie out at Fabulous Blogging – her other blog – where she gives help and solid advice to bloggers who are trying to “Decode the Blogging Scene” as she puts it.

Next up:

Linda at Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom

Linda’s About Me is one of the most AWESOME I’ve seen in a while.  She does it with pictures . . . by the end you want to read more, see more and hear more of her!

Linda runs a weekly blog hop on Mondays aptly titled “I Don’t Like Mondays” – I can agree with that!

She also has a band . . . Jehova Waitresses (which is such a fun name . . . almost as fun as the album title, “Shake Your Buddha“!)

Swing by and tell her that More Than Mommies told you to stop by!

Have you met Dara from Not in Jersey, yet?

She was featured in our Sunday Sip this past Sunday and is our Highlight Sponsor this month!

Dara (pronounced like “Sarah”) is Jewish and I’ve really enjoyed reading about some Jewish holidays and traditions – You have to check out the pictures she recently posted of her brother’s wedding.   Even though she didn’t take those pictures Dara’s blog has a lot of beautiful pictures!  All of the pictures she posts really help to tell the story!

It is easy to tell that Dara’s family is the focal point of her life.  She has 3 beautiful children, Gabby, Zachary and Simon and so many of the pictures, stories and posts are about them!

Stop over and see Dara – mention More Than Mommies so she knows how you found her!

Last, but not least, Dani at Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine:

Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

Dani is HYSTERICAL!  Honestly, you have to go and just read a few of her posts.  I promise you will find a chuckle or two if not a full on belly laugh!  Dani was also featured in our Sunday Sip a few weeks ago – you can read that interview here.

May I also recommend this post: The Good News is I Can’t See My Tattoo.  It’s one I can REALLY relate to!  I have 2 “what was I thinking” tattoos and then I finally got the one where I actually know what I was thinking.

Tell Dani we said “hi” – we just LOVE her!

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Visit our Highlight Sponsor of the Month:


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