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This week I have three blogs to highlight for you.
Our newest Highlight Sponsor has just begun her reign, and we are super stoked to introduce you to her. You can get your Daily Dose of Damn every day by clicking on our Highlight Sponsor Link at the bottom of our posts!
Meet Karen, a single mom who is just like me (and you) but totally different!
daily dose of damn
She started her blog to give us an inside look at the world of dating after forty. She answers all of the tough questions like: Should you date your neighbor? Can you come to terms with yourself naked in a bikini in front of a full length mirror? and What’s internet dating really like? 
Damn! She’s got it going on.  She IS the same as me, but totally different. Because I have four kids, and she has one, and she’s a blonde and I’m a brunette, and she’s funny and I love to laugh, and She’s raising a teenage boy and I’m raising…you get the point. She’s just like you too, I bet! So go off to see her (Psssst. Yesterday was her birthday) and tell her we sent you by to say “hi”. 
mod mom beyond indiedom
I don’t know what more needs be said about this rockstar turned rockstar mom . You can usually find her hanging out at the top of a Yeah Write grid (a most awesome place to be). And when she isn’t there she’s serving up song parodies and pure poetry, contributing around the internet,  or hosting a hop called “I don’t like Mondays” on her own blog.  When I visit the Mod Mom I just feel cooler, ya know?  And I love that she has invited us back stage and into her world. I am eagerly anticipating slicing the cellophane on her band’s CD–she’s sending me a copy!  –Insert teenage fan shriek–
Up your status as a “cool” mom and visit her right now! 
You’ve seen her lovely face here before. Not sure when we first came across Diana…if she found us or we found her. Either way, I’m glad it happened. If you want to get social, why not link up with Nanny to Mommy’s successful hop “Thumping Thursdays?” You can check out her Wordless Wednesday contributions and follow her on Instagram. We’ve befriended each other on MyFitnessPal too and her journey to fit is helping to inspire me to start thinking about giving up my late night snacks and pounding the treadmill again. She’s got so much more to offer on her blog. Not to mention all the adorable pictures of her cutie patootie (and by cutie patootie I mean, her daughter, in case you had some other ideas.) We are so happy to have her gracing our sidebar and you won’t regret giving her blog a click.
And in case you are wondering, there is room for YOU there too! And our March m-AD-ness deal should get you started. Visit our SPONSOR US page, choose the ad space that is right for you and then use the Promo Code: SWEET16 for a sixteen dollar discount on any ad . Choose The Highlight Sponsor Spot, The Whole Kit and Kaboodle, or All That and More Spot and you could see your blog or business featured here too. This deal is good until the end of March. 
By the way, I have to publicly thank Janene for letting me borrow her old iPhone. Because of her I can resume taking pictures of my lunch and sharing them with all of you on Instagram(I don’t take pictures of ONLY my lunch, I promise…sometimes I throw a dinner in there.) Something that I have truly missed since my smart phone got dumb and I could no longer use the touch screen. 
And speaking of Instagram Janene and I started an Instagram feed especially for More than Mommies, which we were giddy about when snapped our first pic together at dance class. But we need you to come follow us there! And we want to follow you back too of course because we need some pics to look at while we are waiting for pics of our lunches to upload. So leave your Instagram name in the comments for us!

The Mixer will be back next week!
Until next time,

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