The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup with Linda at Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom

Sunday Sip

Another weekend flying by. I need some cheering up and The Sunday Sip should do just the trick. Join me won’t you as we talk a little bit with Linda from Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom.
I’m steeping my tea at the moment, How about you?
Coffee!!! Each morning I bow to the Goddess Caffeina. In my house “drip” is less about brewing from the machine and more like an IV drip. Keurig is my BFF.
Best invention of the last decade I would say! So tell our readers a little something about you:
Hi! I’m Linda aka Mod Mom! I’m mom to two boys and I’m the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of an Indie Americana band called Jehova Waitresses – my husband is the lead guitarist.
My blog is Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom, oh – and I’m a pug fanatic. Don’t trip on my three pugs on your way in the door!
There has to be a story behind your blog name…I mean an excellent blog name like yours doesn’t just happen. Tell us your process:
I wanted my blog title to incorporate two of the main elements of my life: that I’m a mom and a musician. I write about the day to day from that perspective and since I like to play on words (ex: Jehova Waitresses), I wanted to think of something catchy, memorable and hopefully funny. That’s when the Tina Turner song from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” popped into my head. I thought “We don’t need another hero…it’s okay to choose to stay home…all we want is life beyond indiedom.” I like to think of myself as a modern mom living life beyond the indie music scene in my own little corner of the world called Indiedom.
My mind works similarly. Completely random yet circuitous. And it makes complete sense. (At least to me). You’ve got so many great posts on your blog but tell us which one we really shouldn’t miss when we visit:
The post that I had the most fun writing was my Twisted Nursery Rhymes.  The inspiration came from reading Mother Goose to my youngest son and thinking “What if there were nursery rhymes for grown ups and what if they were about pop culture and grown up themes? The world can be a crazy place. It’s not that far a stretch to turn it into a nursery rhyme.
Here’s an excerpt I couldn’t resist sharing:
Rock A Bye

Rock a bye baby on the tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall…
Then along comes children’s services to investigate it all
Because what kind of moron puts their baby to sleep in a tree?
The stupid people on the news that we so often see.
These dopes just shouldn’t have kids
Cause their negligence is so off the grids 
In parenting, using your brain is the key.

How did you enter the wide world of blogging?  Are you carving out a comfortable niche for yourself? What can we expect next from Mod Mom?
I’ve always loved to write; songs, poetry, journaling, fiction. I found myself writing little funny anecdotes and quips on Facebook to the point where I became a constant presence there…not necessarily in a good way….more in a “get a life” way! I wanted to get back to being creative on a daily basis in a way that incorporated my love of writing, music, photography and humor. Then I discovered blogs and realized that I could have an outlet in the blogosphere to express myself be a part of a community of like minded people.
It’s been nearly a year since I began, and so far, I think I’ve remained true to my original purpose while branching out in new directions. Every Saturday is Cocktail Saturday, where I share a cocktail recipe – many that I concoct myself. I like to showcase my pugs on occasion, I do a feature I call “Rock Stars: What They Were Really Thinking” where I caption classic rock photography. I write and perform song parodies and write grown up Dr. Seuss rhymes, I regularly contribute to the online women’s magazine “Bonbon Break” as well as my new monthly music column at the comedy website for women “Funny Not Slutty” and I write for the comedy website “Aiming Low”.
I’m working on a book of nursery rhymes, a podcast and I’d like to contribute to more websites and continue to bring the funny on my blog.
I’d also like to showcase the band a bit more. Perhaps recording day in the life series.
Sounds like tons of exciting stuff. Good for us, because we can’t imagine the blog world without you. 

It’s our final question: More Than Mommies–what does that phrase mean to you personally? What makes you “more than a mommy”?
First and foremost, that would be the band. We transformed our garage into a home studio where we continue to write and record. Now that the kids are a little older, we’d like to hopefully start playing live again as well as performing live via the internet, since having kids makes gigging tricky. We played a reunion show and promoted it on radio. Our oldest son enjoyed seeing us play live, getting to visit a radio station and shooting the press photo that gave him his first photo credit in a newspaper! Our boys mostly think Mom and Dad are a couple of aging hippie folk musicians *eye roll*, but they have their moments when they think it’s cool being part of a musical household with our musician friends coming by to play. They like to join in on drums and guitar. It’s a fun way to spend time with them.
I love how music is bonding your family closer together. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us today!
We’ve given you just a taste of what Linda has to offer on her blog. Head over to her blog and give her some comment love from More than Mommies today. You can also check out her Facebook Page, Tweets and You Tube Channel!


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  1. says

    Seriously another wonderful mom, whom I was so happy to see showcased here on the Sunday Sip. Love learning a that much more about the bloggers I already love dearly. Thanks ladies and Linda, you do rock!! :)

  2. Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom says

    Thank you so much for featuring me at the Sunday Sip ladies! I’ve got my cup of Dunkin Donuts blend…wait…it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Maybe a dash of Bailey’s? 😉

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