Feeling Fly By The Fourth of July: Fit Challenge

Does anyone else feel like we’ve just come out of the longest Winter ever?
I feel like I have been stuck inside my house like a hibernating bear for the last five months! Except I’m not rolling out of my hole in the ground twenty-five pounds lighter. Just the opposite, my friends.
Lately, I’ve been feeling so sluggish: Eating everything in sight and feeling depressed whenever I pull on a pair of jeans.
A blogging friend of mine, +Janine Huldie  mentioned a weight loss challenge that is well underway at Raising ReaganSlim by Summer.  I checked it out, but I feel a little behind the eight ball as the challenge is already fourteen weeks underway.
BUT, I do love the idea of gathering a support network around oneself to motivate and keep us accountable. I know a few ladies in my neighborhood are also waking from their Winter slumber and wanting to shake off a few pounds before it comes time to beach ourselves at the local pool (hopefully looking less like whales than the last sentence implies). 
I am following some of my motivated friends via MyFitnessPal–an online diet and exercise journal. It is very user friendly and connects you to friends on their own fitness journey. It’s free to join. You can sign up on the computer or download the app and log in with Facebook.

I’m starting my own challenge:


Grab this button to use in your update posts or to display in your sidebar.
I would be thrilled if you all would join me so that we can support each other! 
Follow me at MyFitnessPal .* My user name is cmhutch.  I will follow you back. Janene is also on myfitnesspalalthough as of this moment she has no idea that I am issuing this challenge! (Hehe)
Each week I will check in with you here and let you know about my progress and then you will have the opportunity to link up a post about your progress. If you don’t have a blog you can post your progress here in the comments. I am hoping that we can all motivate and cheer each other on as we get fit and reach our goals!
For this first week, Please let us know your fitness/weightloss goals for the next 2+ months and why you have decided to join us on the Feeling Fly by The Fourth of July: Fitness Challenge. Come back and link up your post with us here (we will leave the linky open for a while!) so that we can follow along with you. Use our comments section if you don’t have your own blog!

My Goals for this Challenge:

  • Reduce my consumption of sugar and bread: Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise at least four times a week for 30 minutes minimum (include both cardio and strength exercises)
  • Lose 20 – 25 lbs at a rate of 2 lbs per week
  • Drink more water
  • Do not skip meals and healthy snacks
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night

We all know that a big part of being More than a Mommy  is taking the time to care for ourselves. Being aware of what we put into our body and making time for exercise is one of the ways that we can be our best.
I can’t wait to join you all! Good luck!

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*This post and Challenge are not sponsored/compensated in any way by MyFitnessPal. I simply love the app for helping to keep me on track and I thought you would like it too!

Link your post about joining this challenge and naming your goals!


  1. says

    Sounds awesome Christine and will definitely join in. Will also look for you on My Fitness Pal today. I know the feeling and seriously as much as I have accomplished I still feel like there is so much more, especially with toning and such. Never been great with that and trying now to get better at it. I mean I can do all the cardo in the world, but the stretching and exercises as such still plague me!

  2. says

    I’m trying to get back into shape after having four kids (three of them in the last four years). I signed up for a half marathon in November so I’d love to join and help motivate and be motivated to with it. But I’m not really concerned so much with my weight so I wouldn’t be on My Fitness Pal. Is that ok?

  3. Christine Hutchinson says

    Most definitely! Just link up your post with us or come back to let us know your goals and if you are reaching them each week, right here on the blog! Glad to have you!

  4. Christine Hutchinson says

    Thanks, Janine! It’s because of you that I decided to issue this challenge–you pointing out “slim by summer,” motivated me. I’m so glad that you will join us!

  5. says

    my current goals are very similar to yours! I’m hoping to start a challenge myself soon, but first I have to recover from this surgery I just had a week ago.

  6. says

    Great! I’ve linked up. I can relate to your goals about drinking water and not skipping meals. I find that by the time I figure out what to feed the kids, I’m exhausted and don’t feed myself properly. Not helpful when you need more energy to run after the little ones.

  7. says

    I can relate to the stretching part. I started running a few months ago and developed a knee problem which was strange since I’ve never ever had issues with my knees before. Turns out it was partly because I wasn’t stretching. I’m guessing that stretching becomes more important as we get older.

  8. Janene Krajci says

    Yay! I’m so stinking excited that Christine did this today. We are oddly always on the same wavelengths even when we don’t know it! Jerry and I started diets today . . . the first one is kind of intense but only lasts 3 days and is to give you a “kick start”. Not sure if it is considered a “fad” diet or not but my guess is it probably would be. (Okay . . . google Military Diet and you will see that I’m eating next to nothing for 3 days.) After that . . . we are planning on using My Fitness Pal and The 17 Day Diet book to help us keep losing.

    I will just list my goals here to actually kind of become *ahem* accountable:

    1 – Drink more water
    2 – Follow the 17 Day Diet Plan for at least 3 months
    3 – Exercise 2 – 3 times a week (this is a BIG one for me because I’m NOT an exerciser)
    4 – Lose between 25 – 30 lbs by July! :)

    Hopefully, this will help keep me motivated . . . I’d love some more My Fitness Pal buddies so PLEASE check me out there!

  9. Christine Hutchinson says

    I have back problems too. I tweaked my back when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and honestly it has never been the same since. Anytime I have a problem with my back it’s always that same damn spot. In fact, it almost kept me from starting some exercise yesterday. I took it easy and just did a nice brisk walk…my back is feeling a little better today!

  10. says

    Mine also happened at the end of my second pregnancy and I go to a chiropractor, because it also has not been the same for me either. I can so relate and so sorry you have this issue too Christine.

  11. says

    This is awesome! I love it! I need to do this too! I am unable to write a post till Saturday but please count me in and I will link it up! I will also head over to Myfitness pal and friend you too! Oh yah… I found you through Marie Oliveira via linkin with my ladies! Consider me a new fan!!!

    The Wondering Brain

  12. lablover22 says

    What a great thing to do! 2 years ago this July a friend of mine was trying to lose the last 10 pounds on her 90 pound weightloss journey. she posted on Facebook that she wanted accountability to do 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days. 30 for 30 . 2 of us read this and deicded to help her out. It’s been almost 2 years and we are still doing it. Of course we eventually hit the place where we took a day or two off and we do longer workouts some days or switch up a workout for what we call a “real life workout” like cleaning out the garage or washign our cars. But nonetheless it has been 2 years of commitment, weightloss, health, accountability and FINALLY making exercise as normal a part of my daily schedule as brushing my teeth or making a meal. We all ourselves the TEP Girls- The Exercise Promise Girls. Good luck to you and your Fly Girls!! you’ll be awesome!!

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