Finals Week vs. Motherhood

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep my mind began to wander back…back to a time when rugrats weren’t escaping their beds at ungodly hours; back to a time when bills to be paid was such a fuzzy concept that credit cards seemed like a swell idea; to a time when wing night at the local bar was at the top of my to do list.

Fourteen years ago, I could be found sitting in the “study lounge” at the end of the hallway with a book cracked under my nose and “sludge” running through my veins, (sludge = double strength coffee with a hot cocoa packet mixed in.) or in the computer lab (probably more likely) at 3a.m. shooting off one of 5 final papers. 

FINALS WEEK: How does anyone survive that feverish and most dreaded week of weeks?

Then my mind wandered on…at it usually does as my day is winding down. I started thinking:
Motherhood vs. Finals week


From class to class, 
paper to paper, 
keeping track of discs and notes and drafts–

 and don’t get me started on the amount of reading involved–

*Organization has never been my strong suit and as much as I tried not to procrastinate, I found myself doing it.

Nothing has changed much:

From activity to activity,
homework assignment to spelling review,
Keeping track of to do lists, and grocery lists, and where I set the keys–

And don’t get me started on the amount of cleaning involved–

*See above

Lots of all nighters.

Except this time my bed is invaded by lonely and/or frightened little people that I made.  I find myself with someone else’s throw up on my clothes. Or someone got day and night confused just for the hell of it. 

Half the time you aren’t sure of the assignment.

“I forgot he likes half-inch margins and a twelve point font in Times New Roman” vs. “I forgot you don’t like sauce on your spaghetti.” 

“When is this assignment due?” vs. “When is that permission slip due?”

“How many sources do I need for this paper?” vs. “How many times do I have to repeat myself?”

“What class is this again?” vs.”Jord…Av…Oli…Chloe…What’s your name again?”

You are eating whatever you can find.

Cold coffee and day old pizza? Don’t mind if I do.

Goldfish cracker crumbs, and PB & J crust? Don’t mind if I do. 

Study groups form for support. 

Thank goodness for the roommate with thorough notes–she never missed a day of class.

Thank goodness for the girlfriend always at the ready with an extra pull-up after the second public potty accident from the “she-WAS-potty-trained” toddler in a week. 

Something else I remember from finals week? The unexpected care package showing up at my door: An encouraging letter from home, gas money, a can of coffee, new pens, a few floppy discs, vitamin C. 

I’m thinking of every mom I know right now and how much each and every one of you deserve to have a surprise care package show up at your door–even if you bribe your kids with the contents to buy a little “me time” on the other side of the bathroom door.

They would make a perfect “I’m thinking of you,” “you are awesome,” “hang in there,” “we are in this together,” “you can do this” gift for any mom! I think I am going to pick a couple ladies in my life and surprise them! How about you?
Goodies Co. is SIMPLE to gift and is the perfect care package for moms (and grads, and dads, and moms-to-be, and grandparents–just sayin’)!

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*Thanks to Goodies Co. for sponsoring this post. They provided the idea for the awesome gift idea–but the thoughts and stories are my own! 


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    Loved the whole post and seriously the all nighters couldn’t be more true, because after having a colicky first child it truly brought a whole new meaning to that term!! And yummy care packages for sure. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. says

    Haha so true! And I just went through finals week as a mother! My final finals week, though. And I passed everything. So it ended up working out after the craziness.

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