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Happy Mother’s Day all you More Than Mommies Readers!

It is, of course, a special day for all of us . . . even if the pampering *read – breakfast in bed* often results in a bit of extra work for us . . . like a trail of cereal to clean up and a pot of coffee to re-brew *how many scoops??* we love that our little ones are focusing on US today!

While you are enjoying some extra strong coffee this morning . . . also enjoy meeting this week’s Sunday Sipper!

What’s in your cup this Mother’s Day morning, Jen?

Tea, always tea. English Breakfast with lemon. NEVER without lemon!

How about an introduction for our readers?
I’m Jen formerly from Break the Parenting Mold and now from My Skewed View.

Break the Parenting Mold? That’s an interesting name. How did you come up with that one?

Honestly the name grew out of my frustration with other parents. See question #5. I wanted parents to literally Break the Parenting Mold, the parent they “thought” they should be, the parent society was telling them to be.

Then you changed your name . . .

I changed my name from Break the Parenting Mold to My Skewed View by Jen Kehl because I realized I had moved beyond being a parenting blog and was featuring so much more of my own work. I have always wanted to blog about music and write some original fiction. As my son has gotten older and moved past many of his Sensory Challenges, the urgency to write about those things has gone. I still love to write about his antics and at least one post a week is still about what my son has destroyed/accomplished/said. I also want to continue to support readers who find me because of my posts on Sensory Processing Disorder. However, with this change, I feel freer to showcase my weekly feature, Twisted MixTape Tuesday where I create a 5 song mix based on a theme and ask my readers to join in. I am exploring my fiction writing by participating in a prompt called 100 word song, where I am writing a continuous piece of fiction in 100 word posts each week. I also blended my separate photography blog into this new blog in the form of a photography page

The idea of My Skewed View came as I was brainstorming where I wanted my blog to go with a friend. I wanted to somehow convey how my brain works in a concise manner. I am definitely not a stereotypical anything. I am a homeschooling, ex-deadhead hippie, conservative, tattooed, God-Fearing, photographer who creates soundtracks in her mind for every moment in her day. I am also parenting a child with multiple special issues and a touch of pyromania. How else could you describe my View but as Skewed?

My Skewed View by Jen Kehl

What is one post that you want everyone who comes to your blog to read and what was your inspiration for writing that post?  

I recently wrote a post called Sensory Processing Disorder Can Be Funny Too, it is my way of reaching out to the people who maybe came to me because of my Sensory Processing Disorder posts, but have found a more humor based blog now. I wanted everyone to know that Sensory Processing Disorder does not have to be treated so dramatically, coming from a place of love and humor can give you a fresh perspective.

What was the reason you started to blog?  Have you stayed true to your original vision since the beginning or have you changed along the way? Where do you see your blog going and growing to in the future?

My son suffers from sensory processing disorder, multiple food and environmental allergies, severe eczema, asthma and a tic disorder. I know it sounds like a lot, but we live a perfectly normal life. My tenaciousness when it came to educating myself about all of these things, and doing exactly what the doctors and therapists asked me to do, created a close relationship with his healthcare providers. 

Because of this they often asked if they could have other parents call me. Some did, but some were too embarrassed to. I also had friends call me a lot when they realized they were dealing with one or more of these issues as well. This is where my frustration began, so many parents just could not see that it wasn’t about them

They could not or would not be the advocate their child needed them to be. They were so concerned with how the world viewed their child or them as a parent. They often blamed the child for his behavior, or refused to dig deeper when they were presented with a diagnosis. So I created this blog so that I could say what I really wanted to say, without having to confront them to their face. I created a business card, the therapists, doctors and my friends passed it around and people were able to come to me anonymously for help and information. It was really impossible to stay completely true to my original vision, because my son grew. We did all of the things we were supposed to do regarding the sensory issues and they got better (see the blog post). I still blog some about our struggles with allergies, but the thing is my son is quirky and hysterical, BECAUSE of all of these things, well and of course his God-given personality.  

So I had to write about the funny stuff

Also I just had to write. I have always wanted to be a writer,and it felt good to write. In the future I see myself continuing with the occasional anecdotes about my sons issues, but really he has become excellent fodder for humor. Also, I just want to write, and recently have been more open to just expressing myself. So I see my blog becoming more of a blog about me, which includes life with my son, and my husband. Who has ADD by the way, so he’s good fodder too.
Jen Kehl

Finally, at More Than Mommies we know that being a Mommy is rewarding and exciting on its own, but we also know that there is more to every Mommy than her Mommy duties.  So, what makes you “More than a Mommy”?

I love to write, of course. I love to read, a lot. I am always reading something. I got my degree in photography and truly love taking pictures. My blog is full of them, although they are not as artsy as they were in the olden days :-) I also love love love music. There is always music in my house, and almost always singing. I wish I could play guitar and be my own one man band….but since I can’t my iPod is either sifting through the over 5000 songs I have, or now, Pandora has really become my go-to, because really? I can’t even figure out what songs I want on my iPod anymore.


Thanks, Jen! Hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day and thanks for chatting with us today!

You can follow Jen at her blog, on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Instagram . . . We do!

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  1. says

    Oh love Jen and yet another wonderful Sunday Sip with another awesome writer/mother who I follow daily. Thank you ladies for always having on the best on here and Happy Mother’s Day to both of you and Jen, too!! :)

  2. fidler on the roof says

    What a great interview….and one funny mama…..Thanks for the insite and getting to know jen a little more.. Her blogs always brighten up my day.

  3. says

    “I am a homeschooling, ex-deadhead hippie, conservative, tattooed, God-Fearing, photographer who creates soundtracks in her mind for every moment in her day.” — LOVE it :)

  4. says

    I loved this! I was featured last week, so I have now discovered Sunday Sip! I love your perspective and voice as a writer! Happy Mother’s Day :)

  5. says

    Glad to see Jen getting the recognition she deserves! And it was awesome for me to find out answers to some of the questions I’ve always had about her. :)
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

  6. Jean says

    This is the definition of a “more than mommy.” Great job. Also, I never noticed the photography section of your blog. I’m a photography junkie too, I am going there now!!!

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