Christine’s Mommy TMI VLOG Featuring: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There is definitely a learning curve to Vlogging…but I’m sure it will get easier, and hopefully less time consuming the more we do it.

If you missed Janene’s Vlog and you want to figure out why we are doing this, then you must check out her post introducing us all to Mommy TMI!
Enjoy my first (official) attempt at Mommy TMI Vlogging:

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  1. WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion says:

    I’m dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So you’re really professional and I am not. The edits, the clips, the music. Mine is going to suck but I’m going it anyway. Not even brushing my teeth for it because go big or go home.

  2. I got a sneak peek at yours and it DOES NOT suck! I cringe everytime I press play on mine. I need to stop pressing play on it. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! :)

  3. Christine, I loved your Vlog and seriously could not wait to hear what your edible craving was by your build up and had me giggling about your little girl. Seriously, though I am so excited. I am posting it up tomorrow morning, because I have FTSF tomorrow night that goes live, but will so be linking up with you!! I never thought I would do a Vlog, but you both got me to, so thank you!! :)

  4. Mrs.AOK says:

    That was adorable!! Love it Christine!! I’m scared to pieces to show off mine.

  5. Leah Elizabeth Locklear says:

    I loved it of course!!!! Can’t wait to see more… and get my morning smiles in! Thanks for sharing Christine! ~ Leah

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