The Sunday Sip: Fill Up Your Cup with Shara at Palmettos and Pigtails

Aaaaahhh….Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation. We hope you have found some time for a break today and we thank you for spending a little down time with us. If you’re new here, you can see what The Sunday Sip is all about and then say hello to our featured blogger this week:
I’m chilling with my chai tea, what are you drinking this morning?

French vanilla creamer and sugar {with a little bit of coffee!} 

I always add some coffee creamer to my tea–makes it so good. Would you like to introduce yourself to us?

I’m Shara from Palmettos and Pigtails. I’m a mom to two daughters…Jayna is 4 and Amelia is almost 2, and wife to Dave. My blog is a smorgasbord of DIY projects, crafting with kids, organizational tips, recipes, and of course….stories and pictures of my family. 

What adorable girls! I might be able to guess a little bit about your blog name, which I love, by the way. But tell us about the process of choosing your name:

Choosing a blog name was a….process. Since it’s what represents you/yourblog/your brand, I felt extreme pressure for it to be perfect. And since I’m a Southern Mama who writes about my girls, I needed a blend of those two things. So, the “pigtails” part was a given. The “palmettos” is meant to mean “Palmetto Palm Tree” which is our state tree, and us South Carolinians are quite proud of it! But a lot of people think I’m referring to “Palmetto Bugs.” {aka cockroaches}. I’m not. =) 

Good to know, Shara! Thanks for clearing that up. Why don’t you take a minute now to tell the new readers headed your way about some of your favorite spots on your blog. What are some of your can’t miss posts?

Some of my favorite posts {and most popular} are a part of the Walt Disney World series I did. Tons of tips, advice and Disney activities to do with your kids. I had so much fun doing all of them! But the post I think every mom should read was my post called Mommy In Time Out. It has no pictures or fancy text, but I think it’s one of my stronger posts. I wrote it during a low…a bad week. I had completely lost it with my kids {you know those weeks!}, and in my post I tell you all about it, and then I get my act together and forgive myself! I think it’s important for Moms to realize they don’t have to be Pinterest Perfect! And I think it was important that my readers saw the not-so-pretty side of my life too!

I love that you’ve made your space, helpful and fun but you also keep it real. Blogging can be amazing for bringing moms together. None of us is perfect, so while we strive to always better ourselves–it’s good to know that when we miss the mark we don’t have to take it out on ourselves. Blogging is definitely a journey filled with highs and lows. Can you tell us a little more about your blog’s journey? 

I started blogging almost three years ago as a way to share pictures and stories of my oldest daughter (who was about 18 months at the time). So my earliest followers were close friends and family. But then I shared a couple of DIY and sewing projects, and my friends and family told their friends about it, and I started getting followers that I didn’t know. So I decided to mix it up a bit and start promoting it. So that’s kind of where I am now. I’m focusing now on forming relationships with other bloggers by getting involved in blogging communities, and trying to get my stuff out there, and maybe I can start getting sponsored and make a little money!!

Your blog is really lovely, Shara and your personality shines through it, so I know it will take you far. When you are working on your blog or snuggling your girls what is it that you like to do for yourself–what are some of the things that make you More than a Mommy?

In my spare time {ha!}, I LOVE to sew. Mostly dresses for my girls. I like finding projects on Pinterest to try {and usually fail at}, and I like to cook too! And I manage to weave all that into my blog posts. I also like to sell my sewing projects at craft shows, grow veggies in my garden, watch reality TV and eat M&Ms!

Thanks so much for spending some time at our place Shara. We can’t wait to spend more time with you, and we invite our readers to do the same! Check out Palmettos and Pigtails–let her know that More Than Mommies sent ya, and then visit Shara on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  

Enjoy your week!

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  1. says

    I also have two girls. My oldest is turing 4 this week and my younger daughter is a little over 2 1/2, so sounds like we may have a bit in common and am heading over to check out your blog in a few to follow. Thanks Christine and Janene for introducing me to another wonderful blogger here this morning!! :)

  2. Shara PalmsandPigs says

    What a great article, and it was so fun interviewing with you ladies! Thanks for having me! =)


  3. Bonding A Blended Family says

    Hello! I am visiting your blog through the SITS site and I love The Sunday Sip idea! What a great way to help out and connect with other bloggers. Your site is so cute!

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