The Sunday Sip: Fill Your Cup with Allison at Go Dansker Mom

Hi all!  Hope you had a safe, relaxing 4th of July.  I don’t know about you but the 4th of July always makes me feel like Summer is almost over (even though it’s not even the 1/2 way mark!)

Have you been taking a lot of pictures with your cell phone?  We have (did you see all the pics from our visit with Scary Mommy last week – check out our Instagram to see them!) and Christine wrote a great post about what to do with those pictures!  

Now – on to this week’s Sunday Sip!  Meet Allison from Go Dansker Mom!

Good Morning, Allison!  I’m sipping a French Roast with a little Agave Nectar (because my husband is on an aspartame will kill you kick) and Half and Half.  What about you?

I am a coffee girl, with a little cream and sugar (although I have been thinking a lot lately that if I were forced to choose, cream is way more important to me than sugar). I recently read that I should never drink coffee on an empty stomach to help control my cortisol levels, but I have yet to do anything with that information.  Although, I have to admit many mornings I wonder if a Bloody Mary wouldn’t be helpful.

I remember having breakfast Bloody Marys . . . before I had kids and was on vacation but getting that full serving of vegetables first thing in the morning made my day go wonderfully!  

So, our readers are dying to find out a little bit more about you!  How about an introduction?

I’m Allison, I am a former English major/legal head who turned to being a stay at home mom to 2 totally awesome, fearless, and injury prone boys, ages 4 and 18 months.  They like to throw themselves on to concrete floors and walk off of tall buildings. Oh, and my 4 year old wants to be Batman when he grows up.  I love my life, every minute.

Ahhh – fearless boys!  I have 1 of those.  2 of mine are more cautious and hang back but my Dean-o . . . well, let’s just say he learned that the pool was deeper than he thought the HARD way.

Go Dansker Mom – I have to be honest that I wouldn’t have been able to just guess what it means . . . but reading your tagline helps a bit.  Why don’t you fill our readers in on how you came up with your blog name.

I was a professional ballet dancer from freshman year in high school until mid-college.  In high school my fantastically irreverent friends and I read the book by Herman Melville “Billy Budd.”  In it was a character called The Dansker.  A nickname was born, and I love it.  It is a nod to English literature, dancing, and my past.  It is me.

Wonderful description!  Naming a blog is so tough and you have a perfect reasoning for yours!  I also love that it encompasses so many aspects of you!

Now – we are hoping to send at least a few new people your way today.  Tell them what post you most want them to stop by and read.

I had the most fun adapting Grocery Shopping with Kids into the next big reality game show.  

Grocery Shopping with Kids . . . not always fun.  I’m definitely off to read that one!  

Why did you start to blog? 

I write a resource guide for parents in the Triangle region of NC (going 3 years strong!): Mom in Chapel Hill .  But in February, I started Go Dansker Mom.  I wanted to find a different voice and share my journeys in parenting, not just share tips about where to go.  My oldest was a tough baby but I have always managed to find humor and love in all parenting.  I found I have so much to share, it busts out of me.  I like to craft, cook, sing, teach Les Mills programs, and overshare.  And I want to overshare with the generous community that is the blogging world.

More than Mommies started out because Christine and I decided that we needed something that made us more than just mommies.  We love being mommies.  We ADORE being mommies.  Sometime, though, we need something else to help us remember that we are MORE than Mommies.  So – what is it that makes you MORE than a MOMMY?

I am more than a Mommy because I believe that being a whole person makes you a better mom.  I stay-at-home but my children have challenged me and allowed me the opportunity to discover more about myself: the creative side, the resourceful side, the passionate side.  They are first in my life but, honestly, they take their turn in second seat to my husband and my own needs.

In addition to teaching exercise classes, I also write and write and write. (I have verbal diarrhea that people, thankfully, actually seem to be interested in and seem inspired to share their stories, too!) I love how having children has actually brought me back to what I love and made me go back to my heart.  After all, when you have about 15 minutes a day for yourself and a hobby, it really makes you reassess where you want to spend your time.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us today, Allison!  Now go make sure those fearless boys of yours aren’t getting into any trouble!


You can follow Allison over at her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!  She is awesome to connect with – we know we’ve been enjoying chatting with her since we met her at Bloggy Boot Camp!

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  1. says

    Can very much relate to how staying at home with my children and brought me back to my passion of writing. And totally heading over to read Grocery Shopping with Kids, because I have a feeling I can totally relate. Thanks ladies for another wonderful Sunday Sip!! :)

  2. Allison C says

    Thank you so much for the feature and for the lovely article. Honored to be here. Now off to get my coffee (with cream & sugar). Although still thinking of that Bloody Mary… 😉

  3. says

    Loved getting to know you better! And how did I not know you teach classes? What kind and where, exactly? Maybe I need to join you (though I need to drive first, but still…)

  4. WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion says

    Ooooh I love me some Allison, and now I love her even more that I know what’s behind her blog name. English dorks unite!!!!!!!!! xo (P.S. You’re gorg, girl!)


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