This won’t take long . . .

This post isn’t going to be long.  I need to ask you all a favor.  I will even pull out the “pretty please with sugar on top”. 

I am blessed with 4 healthy children.  I am truly blessed and I know that it isn’t that way for other mothers.  I know that there are a lot of mothers who have children who are struggling with health problems, who are sick and who are dying.

Our local news station, WTAE, ran this spot on June 27th about a little boy named Alexander Moses . . . or Xan, as his family, friends and fans call him.

I’m a Xan’s Fan – and every morning his cute little face shows up on my news feed.  Every morning it reminds me to thank God for my healthy children and to say a prayer for all those mothers who will lose their children well before their time on earth should be over.  My heart breaks for his mother and brothers.  My heart breaks for him.

Please.  Please head over to Facebook and like Xan’s page.  He started out with less than 1,000 fans when this aired and now is up to 275,000 +.  Share the page.  Invite others to join.  Just watch that video and hear him say, “Well, I think I can do it.” and know that you are helping a sweet little boy achieve something he’s trying for . . . a million is a lot and who knows how much time he has but I know I’m rooting for him!

Become a Xan’s Fan on Facebook, Pretty Please with SUGAR on it!!

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I sure did like and share…Thank You!

  2. Done and done. Thank you for sharing and you are right makes me so grateful that my kids are indeed healthy.

  3. Janene Krajci says:

    Thank you sooo much, Janine! I’m not sure what it is about this little guy but I can’t help but want to just snuggle him and try to make him smile. Such a sweet soul and having such a rough life. Heartbreaking.

  4. Janene Krajci says:

    I REALLY REALLY appreciate it! Xan’s story has really touched my heart. He just looks so happy for someone in so much pain and with so many problems facing him. Thank you!

  5. WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion says:

    Oh goodness. I’ve been following this story, too, and it absolutely breaks my heart. Thanks for bringing more awareness to Xan ;)

  6. Thank you for shaing this story Janene. It really makes you take a step back and really reflect on the important things in life. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our lives that we forget to appreciate the small things! I shared and liked! ~Leah~

  7. femmefrugality says:

    I saw this, too! His attitude is so incredibly inspiring! And the bravery of his mom!

  8. Jodi Bonjour says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Xan and his mommy. So happy to see you post about him!

  9. Janene Krajci says:

    Thank you . . . the whole thing makes me speechless. :(

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