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I normally try to find a theme in the things that I choose for the #MTMShout-Outs each week.  This week, though . . . the only thing that really ties them all together is that I LOVE them!  Let’s start with some tugging of heartstrings, shall we?

Moving Post



Did you know that today is World Down Syndrome Day?  I didn’t . . . until this post showed up on my Facebook Newsfeed yesterday and told me.  Then, it made me cry.  HAPPY tears but tears all the same.  Why?  Well . . . just go and watch the video that UpWorthy shared on their page that was a response to a woman who confessed she was scared when she found out her baby would be born with Down Syndrome.  I warn you, though . . . the HAPPY tears will probably flow.


Next, let’s laugh . . . or smile a little as we watch a VIRAL video that my kids can’t seem to get enough of since we saw it earlier this week:





Have you seen this guy, yet?  Seriously . . . he does an AMAZING job with these voices!  It makes listening to “Let It Go” almost bearable.

Okay – so now I’ve taken up a lot of your time having you watch 2 videos!!!  I promise the last 3 are ones you can just visit and read or even pin for later!


First up, something to make for the kiddos -


Inspire Creativity


These Frozen Yogurt Bunny Bites are ADORABLE!!!  Plus, there are so many other options you could make.  You could even have the kids help with these!

Now, you may be asking why I said that would inspire creativity instead of be good enough to eat . . . well . . . that’s because I save the next post for those honors!




So you like brownies?  I do.  I’m currently on a diet but I would most certainly run on a treadmill or do some extra exercises or something for one of these bad boys – ANDES MINT BROWNIES!


The last two posts are more for bloggers than anyone else . . . let’s start with our Pinnable Post.


Pinterest Gold


This post by TwelveSkip gives you 100+ Clever Blog Post Title Templates that work.  Don’t think the title of your post matters?  Think again.  Think about what you read and what kind of titles you gravitate towards . . . then read the post.  I promise you will find yourself shaking your head in agreement.


As if that wasn’t enough to get your blog juices flowing . . . here’s another great post for you to digest!

Blog Juices


Nancy from Do Small Things with Love gives you 40 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Blog from people who know what they are talking about!  I’m thinking this post is pretty pinnable, too . . . but you will definitely find a thing or two that you want to change/add/do right away when it comes to your blog!


There you have this week’s Shout-Outs.  I hope you found something that inspired or touch you.  We look forward to hearing what you thought and if you have a post that you would like to share with us we would LOVE for you to leave us a comment so that we can check it out!


Have a great weekend!


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  1. Pauline C. says:

    Thank you for the feature Janene! Love the other posts as well especially the last one ;-) Have a great weekend!!

  2. I can’t wait to check some of these out! Great shout outs! Ande’s Mint Brownies? Yum! And my titles could definitely use some work!

  3. thank you for featuring my Andes Mint Brownies!

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