The StitchFix: For Moms?

I need to start this StitchFix post out with a few caveats:

I am not a fashion blogger. I am a busy stay at home/work at home mom of four, pushing 37 this year. My wardrobe to this point consists of dresses that I’ve purchased for Christmas Eves and Easter Sundays past. I wear clothes that have holes in them (hidden by scarves usually). I wear faded yoga pants. I wear pajamas in the daytime. I don’t believe that I am the typical StitchFix consumer.

I would never expect you to find my fashion advice credible judging from my threadbare closet — but I am sharing my StitchFix story with you anyway because I believe that StitchFix is changing the way that I view shopping, fashion, and dressing every day. It’s just FUN.

Finally, I am including the link to StitchFix in my post today. I have not been compensated by StitchFix to write this post–all opinions expressed are my own. However, the links are referral links which means that I get a sweet little credit if you use my link to sign up for your own Fix (which, I hope you do!)

Many women enjoy shopping. Not Me.

Let me count the ways that StitchFix is a better fit for me:

I don’t enjoy crowds. Especially when I have my four kids with me, which is always (Okay, 97% of the time). StitchFix delivers a box of clothes right to my door.


I know what I like, but I never know what to buy. I am horrible at making decisions. I walk around a store with an armful of clothes and very rarely purchase them. StitchFix is customizable, personal, and uniquely curated–you complete an extensive style survey, and can also leave notes for your Stylist about your personal style or the types of items you want in each fix.

I have a budget. I can’t be spending money on clothes every time the whim strikes! But with Stitchfix I can schedule a fix to fit with my budget as often as once a month. I’ve settled on six times a year, myself–for a few fresh new things in my wardrobe every season. Plus I can choose the price range I am comfortable with–and with referral credits and a 25% discount when you purchase the whole box, it really isn’t budget breaking at all!

I hate stuffing myself into a dressing room with my girls. They love me, even in my mismatched bra and underwear, but there are some things that my girls should not have to witness: their mom trying to button skinny jeans is one of them. Plus I get all “YOU did this to me!” when something doesn’t fit to my liking (I say it my head, but I’m sure it adds to the tension of the day). And they get bored quickly, so I barely get to check out the three way mirror before they’ve deemed it tantrum time.

I could go on and on. A fun mail day! It’s easy to send stuff that doesn’t work back at no cost to me! I can try new colors, textures, patterns, and trends in the safety of my bedroom. They include cards that help me create outfits from the items in the box and with things that I can find in my closet. They welcome my feedback about every piece they send….

So what did I get in my first Fix?


I know some of you have been waiting to see what I got and wondering how I liked my first fix. Here is what I got:Stitch Fix tribal collage

The necklace is from Bay to Baubles: Madelyn Layered Gem Bib Necklace. I already have a statement necklace in coral, but they suggested pairing the necklace with the Indianan Tribal Print Mixed Material Tee from Pomelo and I really think it adds something wonderful to the Tee which I loved for the unique and surprising print in the back. Casual, yet dressy.

Polka Dot

Next, The Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse from Pomelo. This blouse had a great fit! I loved the pearl detail on the sleeve. I am not usually drawn to prints and polka dots and would probably never try this on if I saw it hanging in a store. Hurrah to StitchFix for moving me slightly out of my comfort zone. pink topThen I tried Burlington Ruffle Overlay Sleeveless Blouse from Papermoon. I am not sure how I feel about showing off my arms just yet, BUT by the time sleeveless weather rolls around, I might just rock it. For now I can pair it with a sweater that I already own. I also loved that I have pinned a similar top to one of my boards and my stylist took time to see that and choose something similar for me!



Finally, the Black Pandora Stretch Sueded Leggings from Level 99. I have never put on a more comfortable pair of leggings before. They look and feel very plush with a velvety texture. I’m short (5’1″) so I was nervous about the fit of any pants that might come in my box, but these were not too long.  and Match well with the Tee and the Ruffle Blouse that was in my box.

Overall, what do you think of my first Fix? What would you keep?

I won’t keep you in suspense. I kept the whole thing this time! That extra 25% off made it easy–It meant the statement necklace was free! Which made it a no brainer (even though I already have a different necklace in the same color). Would you have done the same? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this service. Will you give it a try?

I’m already counting down the days until my next fix.

Want your own? Visit Stitchfix–Let them know that More Than Mommies Sent you:

Stitch Fix

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    • says

      I think it is definitely worth trying at least once! I was so pleased with my first one. Let me know if you end up signing up–I would love to see what you end up picking!

  1. says

    You kept everything on the first try…awesome!!! Everything looks great on you so I don’t blame ya. Haha…I got my 5th fix yesterday and managed to get not a single good picture of me in any of the pieces. Regardless, I’m blogging it in the next few days just to share.

  2. Mickey Betz says

    I love your blog and this looks pretty cool I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the post.
    Miss you.

    • says

      Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment, Mickey! I miss you too. I was just saying to Jim last night that we should plan a get together soon, maybe some fish sandwiches from E-town this lent!

    • says

      Thanks Michelle, I was so excited when I discovered this service, but it took me a couple of months to stew on it before I finally jumped in. Now I can’t wait for my next Fix!

  3. says

    I tried it once, and it was such a mixed bag, but I wouldn’t say anything bad about it because I didn’t give them another chance after providing feedback. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that’s the key. I did keep one sweater that was a gorgeous color and I thought the price was very fair. (Of course then I ran it through the dryer by accident and have to restretch it…!)

    • says

      I was so happy with my first one, I’m just hoping each fix gets better–then again, my wallet might shriek! It is a neat concept and it’s ideal for me since I never get a chance to shop for myself, but I can see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by to check out my Fix!

  4. says

    Thanks, Amanda! You MUST give it a try and then show me what you got so I can ooooh and awww about it. I think it’s perfect for the mom with little ones–who has the time or patience to shop with kids?? Not me!!

  5. Stephanie says! I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest and it’s as if I had written it myself. I too am 5’1″, HATE shopping and thought that stitch fix was for cooler, taller, skinnier, non-post-partum ladies. But oh how I was pleasantly surprised! I got my second “fix” today and it contained (gasp!) skinny jeans that fit! And my first fix had 2 shirts that I would never have bought on my own. I know it’s not all going to be perfect and I still don’t have the gall to post a pic (or a blog, so yay you!) but it’s a start right?!


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