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Summer is a time for relaxing and slowing down.  It’s a time for cook outs, late breakfasts, late lunches and later dinners with some snacking in between.  I don’t know about at your house, but I hear,”Mom, I’m hungry!” all the time.  I know that I am blessed to be able to direct the hungry child to the refrigerator, pantry or even our snack cupboard to fill their bellies.  A lot of parents aren’t as lucky as I am and they are struggling this summer with how to put food on the table for their little ones.

The United States Department of Agriculture states that more than 31.6 million children take part in the National School Lunch Program, which also includes reduced breakfasts.  When school is out, parents are faced with finding ways to make sure their kids are getting breakfasts and lunches.  A lot of families will turn to food banks and other organizations to help out in the summer.

This is where we can help!  Walmart and Champions for Kids has paired up with Tyson, Bird’s Eye and State Fair to give up to 5 MILLION meals this summer.  Just visit your local Walmart and look for specially marked areas in the frozen food section.  Purchase these products and make a difference!




Champions for Kids believes in developing a “habit of giving” in small does rather than thinking that we have to do a lot all at once.  They also believe that ALL children should have: someone who cares about them, a place where they belong, hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey . . . and I couldn’t agree more!

Danika and I headed out to Walmart last night.  My husband, Jerry, his uncle and his father, are all actively involved in the food bank associated with our church, St. Joseph Church.  We were headed to buy some frozen food to donate to the food bank and help families in need!  Here’s what we found!


Danika Bird Danika State Danika Tyson



With kids in mind, we decided that the Chicken Fries were easy and yummy and something that most kids would love to have as a lunch or dinner.  Plus, I know that I add them to my salads or stick them in a wrap to give them an “adult” spin.


Food Bank


Danika thought it was awesome that we came home and filled our freezer with food that we were going to give to others.  She opened it up and told her brothers, “We are giving all of this to help hungry kids!”  There is no doubt in my mind that she had that good feeling you get when you give to others and that it is something she would definitely want to do again.  It also helped me to see that creating a “habit of giving” doesn’t have to involve anything elaborate.


In fact, you can get into the spirit of giving, too!  Not only will purchasing frozen food from Walmart help them reach their goal of giving 5 MILLION meals to others, but you can check out how to do a SIMPLE service project and be entered to win $25,000 for your school!  Details are available at the Champions for Kids website.

Simple Service projects have 4 steps:


1) Gather your family, friends and/or coworkers together.

2) Learn about the needs of children in YOUR community.

3) Give items to help the kids enjoy happier, healthier lives.

4) Share your story with Champions for Kids and inspire others!


Best of luck with your Simple Service project and don’t forget to head to Walmart and help Champions for Kids reach their donation of 5 MILLION meals!


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