Experiencing Columbus Zoo

Christine mentioned in her post that, thanks to the folks at Experience Columbus we were able to go on this AWESOME Roar and Explore Adventure for a weekend with our families.  We both (along with our families) give the trip our stamp of approval and KNOW that you and your family would, too!  There is something for everyone in the package – the COSI Science Museum, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Zoombezi Bay .  We LOVED every minute of our trip and each of our kids had a different “favorite” part!


For me . . . I LOVED the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  I’m a zoo kinda gal.  I love watching the animals and the annual zoo membership that we purchase for the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is as much for ME as it is for the kids.  I have to say, though . . . the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the BEST I’ve ever been in!




Ready for Adventure thanks to a good night's sleep at the Drury Inn and Suites!

Ready for Adventure thanks to a good night’s sleep at the Drury Inn and Suites!

We arrived at the zoo first thing in the morning – before it even opened up! We were greeted by A DINOSAUR! Let me just tell you how exciting that is for 4 year old twin boys!

Is it REAL, Mommy?

Is it REAL, Mommy?


There was a MAD rush when we first entered the zoo and we had no idea why. We were stopping to look at the animals along the way and there were literally people RUNNING through the zoo. We decided to ride the train and while we were buying our tickets, I asked the sales guy what I was missing. Apparently, they feed the giraffes at odd hours in the zoo and the first time is 9:00. All these people were rushing there to get in line. We decided we would go at 11:00 instead. Our first stop was, the train.




We had a FANTASTIC time . . . and the animals were AWESOME!




These bears were brothers and they fought just like Dean and David!

my  bears


We measured ourselves next to different sized bears . . . and saw some beautifully colored flamingos!


Columubus  (4)


We almost passed up this little treasure – Habitat Hollow – but I’m soooo glad that we didn’t!  It was so much fun and the kids LOVED finding the different animals along the way!

habitatColumubus  (5)

inside hab


And then . . . right before lunch . . . we finally got to give the giraffe’s their lunch!  It’s something NOT to be missed!


Columubus  (6)

d giraffe


dank giraffe




Krajcis and Hutchinsons met up to feed the giraffes and then stuck together for lunch.  Then we ended up going our separate ways again.


CZ 2 (1)

There were a lot of these metal animals around the zoo that the kids wanted to get their pictures taken on and climb all over.  They had a blast spotting them as we headed to our final destination . . .





The last thing we did before leaving the zoo was the Dinosaur Island Boat Ride.  The boys were a little scared and a lot excited as we made our way through the boat ride and had an awesome time spying all the different dinosaurs . . . especially the TRex!






That’s where our day ended.


Stay tuned for our fun filled adventure at Zoombezi Bay . . . another fantastic day that had my kids laughing and giggling (along with a few tears).




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